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Watch Tyler, The Creator respond to Jerrod Carmichael’s crush on him

Tyler, The Creator has responded to Jerrod Carmichael’s crush on him – watch the moment below.

In the premiere episode of the Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, the comedian confessed to having a crush on Tyler, one of his long-time friends.

Carmichael recalled expressing his love for Tyler over text back in 2022 but revealed how the feelings weren’t mutual.

Tyler recalled calling Carmichael a “stupid bitch” and then said: “I think I just like brushed it off, getting news like that and avoiding it is a way to avoid change.”

Carmichael responded: “One, it’s embarrassing, a little bit, and obviously the fear of it being so totally unrequited.”

Despite this moment, Carmichael asked Tyler to be his date to the Emmy awards in 2022.

However, a few days before the awards, Tyler declined.

At the end of the episode, the pair discuss their friendship. Tyler said news of his friends feelings was “a lot of download” and that he saw Carmichael more as a family member.

“That’s like a brother. That man’s like family,” he continued. He admitted he “still didn’t know how to respond.”

The rapper recently addressed the rejection during his headlining set at Coachella last week.


The rapper made an explosive entrance during his headline set at Coachella at the weekend, bringing out some huge names as surprise guests and breaking out a number of fan-favourite tracks.

Taking place as the closing performance of Coachella day two, eagle-eyed fans also noticed that there was a subtle pin badge that the musician was wearing throughout the set, showing his support for Palestine.

As highlighted by Clash, the distinctive pin simply showed the Palestinian flag, and was worn alongside a pin for Congo too – shedding light on the humanitarian disasters in both countries.

During his set, Tyler took to the stage after an RV parked on the stage burst into flames and launched him into the air. During the set, Childish Gambino joined him to perform ‘Running Out Of Time’ from Tyler’s 2019 album ‘Igor’, while A$AP Rocky later came out for the live debut of ‘Potato Salad’ followed by ‘Who Dat Boy’.

Later on in his headline slot, Tyler brought out Charlie Wilson to play piano on ‘EARFQUAKE’ and ‘911’. He also brought out Kali Uchis to perform ‘See You Again’.

The slot was given a four-star review from NME, with Rhian Daly writing: “It’s a reflection of the rapper’s cult icon status and a rebuttal to those in his life who didn’t believe in him […] After tonight, it feels unlikely that anyone will doubt him again.”

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