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How to write AI Prompt to generate an Issue-based news features?


  1. Begin with a title suggestion:
    Write an in-depth guide on [topic].

  2. Set the tone:
    The tone should be [informative/educational/casual/professional/etc.], targeted towards [audience type].

  3. Provide structure:
    The guide should include the following sections: Introduction, Overview of the Topic, Detailed Explanation/Discussion, and Conclusion.

  4. Provide any specific information or points:
    Include information about [specific facts, statistics, tips, etc. you want the AI to include].

  5. Request for a conclusion:
    The guide should end with a conclusion summarizing the main points discussed.



Using the above points as a structure, here’s an example of how you might use this prompt:

Write an in-depth guide about the benefits of a plant-based diet. The tone should be educational and engaging, aimed at health-conscious readers looking for dietary advice. The guide should include the following sections: Introduction, What is a Plant-Based Diet?, Health Benefits, Practical Tips for Switching to a Plant-Based Diet, and a Conclusion summarizing the main points. Make sure to include these health benefits: heart health, weight management, and improved digestion. Include helpful transitioning tips such as incorporating more fruits and vegetables gradually into the diet and finding plant-based alternatives to favorite dishes.

Hopefully, this structure will help you use AI to write articles effectively on various topics!

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