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‘Sesame Street’ Enters Its Stick Era With a Visit From Noah Kahan

Call him the great collaborator. In the past year, Noah Kahan has duetted with Kacey Musgraves, Brandi Carlile, and Gracie Abrams, as part of his Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) series. Now, he’s found the ultimate counterpart: A literal stick. Or as literal as it gets on Sesame Street.

In a teaser for the series’ upcoming 55th season, an adoring stick revealed itself actually to be a fan. “Oh, Noah, Noah,” it fawned, “Thank you, thank you.” Kahan played it cool: “Oh yeah, ‘Season of the Stick.’” But Kahan was the only one staying calm. “Not just my season,” the overgrown twig said. “It’s my year, my decade, my era.” His enthusiasm was apparently contagious (it’s spring, remember?), and soon, a puppy named Tango and Elmo showed up, too. When Kahan threw the typically upbeat floral protuberance, Tango obligingly chased after it just like a real dog would.

Kahan, of course, just chilled and waited for more potential collaborators to stop by. Paparazzi photos he posted to social media also show him chumming up to Cookie Monster, in addition to Elmo, the Stick, and an acoustic guitar that’s very clearly made of wood (but please, nobody tell the Stick that.)


And why shouldn’t he wait? Close to a year and a half has passed since Kahan released Stick Season, and the album has since been certified platinum. He appeared on Saturday Night Live, where he sang about sticks, and he befriended Olivia Rodrigo. Next month, he and Rodrigo will release a split single for Record Store Day on which he’ll sing her “Lacy” and she’ll sing his, you guessed it, “Stick Season.”

No sticks were harmed in the writing of this article, and Kahan did not collaborate in its writing.

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