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Perrie Edwards calls Raye the “most talented human” she’s ever met

Perrie Edwards has called Raye the “most talented human” she’s ever met.

During a recent interview with Apple Music 1, the former Little Mix member spoke about working with the multiple BRIT-winner on her upcoming debut solo album. The pair teamed up on Edwards’ yet-to-be-released song ‘2-2’.

“Raye is the most talented human I’ve ever witnessed in the flesh. It’s scary,” Edwards told the station (via Music News).

The singer explained that ‘2-2’ wasn’t a traditional “collab” as such, adding: “We brought it together but [Raye] doesn’t feature on it.”

She continued: “She came over to my house and we were just chatting. It came about because I was like, ‘I’m really petty’. My partner and I, we don’t argue a lot. Certain things, I will hold a grudge and not back down. I’m really petty, when he messages me, I won’t send a kiss at the end. I’m like a 14-year-old girl. It’s pathetic.

“We started chatting and that became the concept of the song. It’s called ‘2-2’, so it’s football-related. It was fun to be like ‘Yeah, and when they do this and then you feel like that, and then it’s really annoying and why can’t they do it?’ It was basically girl talk put into a song.”

Edwards previously talked about her admiration for Raye during an interview with NME earlier this month.

Perrie Edwards. CREDIT: Press

“Every time I see her win an award or anything happens to her, I am so happy because she just deserves to win – she’s the nicest, most genuine person, but her talent is ridiculous,” she said.

“Like, she opens her mouth and I’m just in awe of her. At the time, her single was doing really well and we celebrated with a little crisp cake. My mum was trying to find something in the kitchen to congratulate her so we got a little crisp cake and a candle.

“And we wrote a song that day called ‘2-2’ that I’m really proud of.”

When asked what her partner thought of the track, Edwards told NME: “He really likes it! To be fair, at first when I play him a song, he doesn’t listen to the lyric necessarily. I’m learning that: some people will hear a song and hear the melody.

“And some people will listen straight for the lyric… he definitely listens to the song as a whole. So then I’ll ask him: ‘Oh, what do you think of the lyrics?’ And he’s like, ‘Why, what did you sing? Play it again!’ And he’ll take it in the second time.”

She added: “But he likes it. It’s all fun and games really, isn’t it? I’ve written about him loads on the album. It’s got nice songs, too, don’t worry!”

Edwards released her debut solo single, ‘Forget About Us’, last Friday (April 12). She co-wrote the song alongside Ed Sheeran, David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson, Christina Perri) and Steven Solomon.

The pop artist told NME that the track was “anthemic – driving in the car with the roof down in the wind”. She also described her first solo record – which has no title or release date yet, but is pretty much finished – as “eclectic”.

Last month saw Raye win a record-breaking six BRIT Awards at this year’s ceremony.

Speaking to NME at the event, she explained: “I haven’t quite processed yet how it feels, but this is definitely the best night of my life. Hands down. Without a doubt, best night of my life. I can’t even hold them. They hurt my arms!”

In other news, Raye has spoken out against “evil” practices within the music industry, claiming that “songwriters are being manipulated”.

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