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Lzzy Hale on Skid Row Gigs: ‘There Will Be Blood Left on the Stage!’

“I can say without a second thought that if it weren’t for Skid Row in my bones, I would not be the rocker I am today,” singer writes of joining glam metal band for four shows

Days after booking her dream gig as “acting front person” of Skid Row, Lzzy Hale penned a statement to fans about why the job and the glam metal band means so much to her.

“I started listening Skid Row when I was a teenager growing up on the east coast in central Pennsylvania,” Hale wrote on social media. “They were one of the Only bands at that time that truly bridged the gap for my love of 80s big choruses and riffs, but had the same poignant dirt and grime that was seeping into the cracks of my mind during the 90s. By the early 00s Halestorm was well coming into its own, inspired by these powerful songs that helped me unlock a door within myself as a young musician.” 

She continued, “I can say without a second thought that if it weren’t for Skid Row in my bones, I would not be the rocker I am today.”

Earlier this week, Skid Row revealed that their most recent singer, Swedish Idol winner Erik Grönwall, had departed the group in order to focus on his health; Grönwall battled and beat leukemia in recent years but was left immunocompromised, making touring difficult.

“I’m getting stronger and healthier every day, but after consulting my doctor, I need to allow myself more time to recover, which I can’t do as the lead singer of Skid Row,” Grönwall said in a statement.


In Grönwall’s place, Skid Row enlisted the Halestorm rocker, who will join the group for four shows starting in May.

“This summer, my world turns full circle. Because not only am I able to share the stage as acting front person for this integral band, but even more importantly, I get to call these boys my chosen family,” Hale said of joining Skid Row, and signed off by promising of the gigs, “There will be blood left on the stage!”

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