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Lil Nas X Teases ‘Nasarati 2’ Mixtape With Choir-Backed SoundCloud Single ‘Right There’

Lil Nas X concluded his post announcing “Right There” with another teaser, writing: “See u next Wednesday”

Lil Nas X launched his grand comeback earlier this year with “J Christ,” an inherently divisive single that sparked a conversation about his consistent use of controversy as a framing device for his music. The song itself quietly fizzled out, but behind the scenes, the rapper was plotting his pivot. On Wednesday, Lil Nas X dropped the new single “Right There” on SoundCloud as a taste of his forthcoming mixtape Nasarati 2.

Lil Nas X raps across the entirety of “Right There,” backed only in certain moments by an angelic choir. Ojivolta, the production duo behind his Jack Harlow-assisted hit “Industry Baby,” returned to craft the single. “Everyone thought I’d be finished / How could he get any bigger than the biggest record ever, ho?” he spits on the second verse. “I did it, and did it, and did it again / Look at the charts, who bigger than him?”

Earlier this year, Lil Nas X posted and deleted a snippet of “Right There” on his Instagram Story before sharing an official teaser in late February. In March, the rapper compiled a thread on X (formerly Twitter) of snippets he’s shared online as recently as this year and as far back as two years ago. Asking his followers to choose their two favorites, he reposted clips from the long-awaited “Down Souf Hoes,” which has been worked into his life shows but never released, and the down-tempo ballad “Angels.”


Lil Nas X concluded his post announcing “Right There” with another teaser, writing: “See u next Wednesday.” As of now, the record is only available on SoundCloud. His most recent streaming release is “Where Do We Go Now,” a one-off single released in tandem with his Max documentary Long Live Montero in January.

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