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Jorge ‘Clorofila’ Verdín, Ex-Member of Nortec Collective, Dead at 56

Jorge Verdín, artistically known as Clorofila and a former member of Nortec Collective, died on Tuesday (April 16) in Pasadena, Calif. He was 56 years old.

His death was confirmed by Nacional Records Static Discos, two labels Verdín worked with, and his former group Nortec.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Verdín was one of the pioneers of the Tijuana group Nortec Collective, from its inception in the late ‘90s. The ensemble disbanded around 2008, with Verdín and his fellow members opting to pursue individual projects. 

“Sad news. Gone is Jorge Verdín member of Nortec Collective Clorofila, we will remember him fondly,” tweeted Nortec Collective. “May he rest in peace. Key track: Olvídela Compa.”

“RIP Jorge Verdín ‘Clorofila.’ One of the founders of the pioneering ‘Nortec Collective’ Padrinos [Godfathers] of electrónica music in Mexico and all of Latin America. The second artist I ever signed to Nacional Records 20 years ago. ‘Olvídela Compa’ was always one of my favorite Nortec songs. Respect!,” posted Nacional Records founder/CEO Tomas Cookman on social media. 

“Rest in peace Jorge Verdín a/k/a #Clorofila #TremoloAudio #ColectivoNortec,” tweeted Ejival, founder of Static Discos, with the hashtag #ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond.  

Cookman, who discovered the news this morning from another founding Nortec Member, offered Billboard Español a statement: “Nacional Records has been proud to be associated with Jorge Verdin (Clorofila). As a founding member of the Nortec Collective, he and the other members of Nortec were pioneers in electronica music in Mexico and Latin America and were ambassadors of their Tijuana roots around the world. Nortec was the second-ever signing to the label, and I still listen to his classic, ‘Olvidela Compa’ when the mood strikes.”

Comprised initially of Hiperboreal, Panoptica, Plankton Man, Terrestre, Bostich and Fussible (with the latter two maintaining the highest profile as a duo), Nortec achieved critical acclaim with releases such as Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1 (2001) and Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 3 (2005), the later was later released by Nacional Records. Vol. 3 earned them two Latin Grammy nominations, thrusting Nortec into the global spotlight. 

In 2010, Clorofila debuted his solo career with Corridos Urbanos, an innovative mix of electronic and norteño (or norteño-techno) elements. This was years ahead of the global trend of corridos tumbados or corridos bélicos, a genre that marries traditional corridos elements with a street-savvy edge. Four years later, Verdín unveiled Ahorita Vengo, a grittier, industrial-infused album heavily reliant on analog sequencers and synthesizers.

Beyond his contributions as a musician and producer, Verdín expanded his creative reach into theater sound design and branding for corporations such as Honda, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Magazine, Virgin Records and more, according to his LinkedIn. 

His artistic collaborations spanned various projects, including producing remixes for artists such as Beck, Tremor, Matias Aguayo, Rigo Tovar and Radiokijada, both as a member of Nortec Collective and as a solo artist.

Cookman adds: “We were also fortunate enough to release one of his solo albums. The Latin Grammys recently recognizing the genre with its own category is yet another proof of the legacy of electronica music originating in Latin America and pioneers such as Verdín and his Nortec Collective bandmates. Be it as a musician, songwriter or graphic artist, Verdín led a life filled with a love for the arts … and synths.”

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