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Fans Think Taylor Swift’s ‘thanK you aIMe’ Is About Kim Kardashian

It must be the season of the diss, and not even Taylor Swift is immune — and we’re not even talking about ex-boyfriends. The expanded Anthology edition of The Tortured Poets Department features a track, “Thank You Aimee,” that many fans are interpreting as a diss track aimed at Kim Kardashian.

It should be noted, this isn’t exactly wild speculation. While Swift has always loved hiding deep lore clues and easter eggs, the ones here are not very subtle at all. First of all, the title is conspicuously stylized as “thanK you aIMee,” and if you check out the official lyrics sheet, one line is similarly stylized, “fucK you aIMee.” 

That leaves you with a capitalized K, I, and M, and it doesn’t exactly take a brain genius to figure that one out. 

With that gargantuan hint, fans haven’t had much trouble drawing connections to the long-running feud between Swift and Kardashian. Sure, Swift frames the song as if she’s thinking about an old school bully, but lines like “There’s a bronze spray-tanned statue of you,” or even “And so I changed your name, and any real defining clues” aren’t fooling anyone. Especially when Swift’s own Twitter account is out here posting the stylized lyric alongside a .Gif from the Reputation section of the Eras Tour, which is basically a masterclass in how you say everything while saying nothing.

(If you really need a refresher on all of this, it goes something like: There was the whole Kanye/Taylor thing at the VMAs a billion years ago, then they seemed to make up, but then he had that line on “Famous” about her, which Swift said she didn’t approve, but then Kim and Kanye leaked a video of a phone call where she did seem to approve. After that came Reputation, and then years later, ostensible vindication for Swift, when the unedited version of the call was released and actually it seemed like she did not give Kanye approval.)


Anyway, the timeline is now stuffed with memes about Kardashian checking her mentions, Swift dropping a more vicious diss than Drake, Cole, and Kendrick, and how Joe Alwyn isn’t the only one who has to watch his back today. Hell, even the King of the Bros, Dave Portnoy, was tweeting all-caps: “#KIMKARDASHIAN GOT WRECKED.”

Ok, settle down everyone, it’s not even noon on the East Coast yet.

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