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Tierra Whack Unlocks ‘World Wide Whack’ With New Single ‘Shower Song’

The track will appear on the rapper’s upcoming album, out March 15

World Wide Whack, the forthcoming album from Tierra Whack, is a portal into another universe. On the album’s first single “Shower Song,” the rapper offers a glimpse into her day-to-day routine.

“Gettin’ ready for my day/So, I gotta get fresh, gotta exfoliate/You know Dove is the best,” Whack sings. “I ain’t never in no rush/I perform it like a major/And I heard my phone ring/But I’ll call ’em back later.”

In the accompanying music video, featuring animations created with conceptual artist Alex Da Corte, talking blue birds and dancing apples bring color to Whack’s morning. After she’s all cleaned up and ready to go, the rapper hops in her car and heads out.


World Wide Whack, out March 15, has been detailed as a “visual art project,” with additional animations from Da Corte on the way to maximize the record’s creative output. A press release describes the character Whack plays in the clip, and throughout the other visuals, as “an alter ego both untouchable and vulnerable, superhuman and painfully human, whose surprising story will unfold in images and video over the course of the album’s visual rollout.”

During her appearance with Lil Yachty at Rolling Stone‘s Musicians on Musicians live event last year, Whack teased the arsenal of visuals she has prepared while fans eagerly awaited her new album. “It took a long time to get my videos done. I have a lot of videos stacked now,” she explained. “And before that, I just wasn’t making stuff that I was proud of. I’m not just going to put out bullshit. It’s gonna be stuff I really care about.”

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