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The 100 Best Christmas Songs of All Time: Staff List

Our staff’s picks for our 100 favorite songs to soundtrack the Christmas season.

There’s a reason that listeners seem to get more impatient every year for the Christmas music season to start: Nothing else feels quite like it. The things that make Christmas songs great — whether carols, old pop standards or newer enduring hits — are most of the same things that make pop great in general: emotional connection, universal relatability, unshakeable catchiness.

People have been singing about Christmas almost as long as it’s been celebrated. And with each passing year, more than a few contemporary artists try their hand at crafting a new seasonal standard, something sweet and melancholy that lingers in the pine-scented air for as long as it takes you to finish a candy cane (without chewing, that is). Some succeed, as with these modern Christmas classics; others, which just dropped this year, have yet to prove their mistletoe mettle. But when they do connect, it’s magic – not to mention a holly jolly payday.

Christmas music has a wavelength entirely its own, shared by an overwhelming majority of its most recognizable classics: a sublime yearning that’s at once profoundly saddening and deeply comforting. It evokes a visceral, nearly oppressive sentimentality, one fortified and strengthened by a lifetime’s worth of associated holiday memories — personal, familial, romantic, nostalgic. It’s music for the most wonderful time of the year, even if it always makes you cry.

And it never goes away. Well, maybe for 10 months of the year, it goes into hibernation — but you know it’ll be back next November at the latest, and it’ll include the same songs it has for your entire life. Unlike the oldies and classic rock canons, which are forced to update their timeline parameters every so often (or at least shed some old songs to make room for the new), being a Christmas standard is a lifetime appointment. Perennials that date back the better part of a century at this point are still ubiquitous every holiday season, while new seasonal releases often take whole decades to prove their worthiness. It makes every Christmas season a musical family gathering where everyone shows up and co-exists peacefully — something precious few of us are lucky enough to be able to say about our actual families’ real-life holiday celebrations.

Here are Billboard‘s staff picks for the 100 greatest Christmas songs of all time — songs that, try as folks might, no amount of commercial overplay or corporate co-opting can seem to ruin.

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