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SZA Confirms a Collab With Paramore Is ‘in the Works’

After hearing “F2F” on SOS, a Paramore–SZA collaboration just makes sense!

In a new interview with Apple Music, the R&B star confirmed that a collab with Paramore could be on the way. “Soon! Soon! It’s in the works,” SZA said in the short clip.

It’s an interesting update after Hayley Williams, the group’s frontwoman, has been manifesting the two acts to work together for months.

Williams spoke to Rolling Stone last year and in a previously unreleased part of the interview, said the two have long wanted to work on a song together, especially one that’s “alternative-leaning.”

“I’m such a fan of her voice. And what I love about her voice is that she can easily slide around genre as well,” Williams told Rolling Stone. “Like she has plenty of songs throughout her catalog that feel very alternative to me and feel a little bit Strokes-y, in a way. She just has that thing.”

“She’s like that person where I feel like we could write any type of song, and it would be cool,” she added. “I would love to hear her on something that we wrote that’s more alternative-leaning, just because I think it would be interesting. We’ve talked back and forth about it for a long time. We both get really caught up in whatever we’re doing at the moment. But I fucking worship her regardless. I just think she’s wonderful.”

SZA’s confirmation of a collab comes several months after Williams spoke to the Black People Love Paramore podcast and said she had been “sending texts weekly” to SZA to make it happen.

SZA also told People last December that she had reached out to Williams for advice on SOS.


“[The album was] literally me checking off goals,” she said at the time. “Just me wanting to be like, ‘Oh, I can do this. I don’t suck. Is it possible to achieve this specific goal?’ And for each of those genres I would text people like Hayley Williams and be like, ‘Does it sound like I’m trying to do something that I shouldn’t be doing, or does it sound organic? Because it felt really natural to me, but you’re the queen of this, how does it sound to you?’ And she’d be like, ‘This is perfect.’”

SZA is set to perform at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where she’s the most-nominated artist, thanks to SOS.

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