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Sofi Tukker Get Over Heartbreak With the Help of Heidi Klum in Freeing ‘Spiral’ Video

A wise woman once asked, “Who needs guys, when you have sausages, dildos, and Sofi Tukker?” That woman was Heidi Klum — and it’s the sort of slutty, dancey energy Klum and the electro-pop duo are bringing this summer with the video for single “Spiral,” which debuts with Rolling Stone Wednesday.

“It’s a breakup song, but rather than making the music video about the breakup, we wanted to make it about getting back to yourself, reconnecting with your friends,” Sophie Hawley-Weld tells Rolling Stone. “We got to live the experience of the music video in real life, because I went over to Heidi’s house the day before, we had a full day eating German sausages, dancing around, learning choreography and trying on things in her closet.”

The video stars Hawley-Weld and the supermodel doing their makeup, trying on silly outfits, and using vibrators as microphones before Tucker Halpern arrives as a pizza delivery man-turned-DJ for a living room dance party for three.

The duo — who connected to Klum via mutual friend and model Alessandra Ambrosio — channeled their inner Mean Girls and Clueless in the video, matching the early 2000s/late Nineties Eurodance sound of “Spiral.”

“I was and still am so humbled they thought of me and asked me to be a part of it. The whole set was buzzing with positive vibes, and I think you can really feel that when you watch us,” Klum tells Rolling Stone. “I love that this video is all about sisterhood and supporting each other, having a great time, letting go, and finding strength in friendship even when things get tough.”

Halpern says the track stays true to the theme of the album’s acronymic title BREAD, or “Be Really Energetic and Dance,” even if it’s an “outlier” on the LP, which takes more Brazilian funk and jazz inspirations. The the duo spent an “extended time” in Brazilian making much of the album with funk producer Marcio Arantes.

“The other thing about BREAD is that bread [the food] gives you pure energy and is something that people gather around to bond with strangers, with loved ones,” says Hawley-Weld. “We hope that our music does that for people: bonds people and gives them energy to do whatever it is that they’re most passionate about.”

Sofi Tukker will also head on the road in the fall for a live tour that they tease will be “dramatic, musical, and still a rave,” but they hope fans can clear a common misconception that they are just DJs.

“When we started the band, we were only a live band. For five years, we only did live stuff. And then we started DJing in the pandemic for live streams,” explains Halpern. “We did like 300 days in a row and all these people started learning about us as DJs. We’re coming out of a Vegas residency and a bigger DJ part of our career. We’ve been waiting for the moment to launch the big live show, and it’s going to be such a moment.”


“It’s been interesting because sometimes people will even refer to us as DJs. I’m like, oh my God, that’s so funny,” adds Hawley-Weld. “Because for me, that doesn’t feel like a core identity. It’s something that we do, but I feel like the live show, pun intended, is sort of the bread and butter.”

Sofi Tukker introduced BREAD with electro-funk single “Throw Some Ass” earlier this year. It follows 2018’s Treehouse and 2022’s Wet Tennis. The LP will drop on Aug. 23 ahead of the tour that kicks off the following month.

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