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Shaboozey Celebrates ‘A Bar Song’ Going Number One: ‘Indescribable’

“Take a double shot of whiskey 4 me!” declared the star on social media

Shaboozey‘s hit track “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” has reached the Number One spot on the Billboard Hot 100 after spending weeks in the Top 10.

“We did it yall. We no. 1. I love y’all,” he wrote, quote-tweeting an account that shared the news. “Happy ‘A Bar Song’ day. Take a double shot of whiskey 4 me!”

The country hip-hop act continued to celebrate the accomplishment on social media, calling the feeling “indescribable.”

“The actual feeling of having your ‘dreams come true’ is indescribable, and I hope everyone gets to experience it at some point in life,” Shaboozey wrote after sharing a post about how he and Beyoncé were both the only Black artists to have a song reach Number One on both the Hot 100 and Hot Country songs charts.

He also reposted a tweet he shared in January that read, “Bookmark this tweet: we blowing up this year!”

In May, Shaboozey sat down with Rolling Stone to break down how he made the record, revealing that he was inspired by Pharrell Williams during the song’s production. “You can’t have a country song with no 12-string, can’t have no bluegrass song with no 12-string guitar,” he said. “It’s got a brighter tone to it.”


Shaboozey came into the public eye thanks to his work on Cowboy Carter, joining Beyoncé on songs “Spaghettii” and standout “Sweet Honey Buckiin’.” He also released his album Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going last month.

“He comes across like someone raised on country who also appreciates hip hop. In doing so, he’s effectively changed the game,” read a Rolling Stone review of the LP. “Cowboy Carter (where he made two cameos) lobbed the first volley in redefining and modernizing country, but Shaboozey’s second album is a full-on barrage of all those possibilities.”

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