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Sabrina Carpenter Has Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice on Her ‘Short n’ Sweet’ Track List

The summer of Sabrina Carpenter keeps getting sweeter. With her forthcoming studio album Short n’ Sweet scheduled to arrive on Aug. 23, the pop phenom has unveiled the complete track list for the record. Carpenter covers her bases across the 12-track project, checking off sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Short n’ Sweet opens with a song titled “Taste,” followed up with her chart-topping single “Please Please Please.” Carpenter’s other summer hit, “Espresso,” appears further down on the list, right after “Good Graces,” “Sharpest Tool,” “Coincidence,” and “Bed Chem.”

The second half of the record closes out with “Dumb & Poetic,” “Slim Pickins,” “Juno,” Lie to Girls,” and album closer “Don’t Smile.” Carpenter hasn’t revealed whether there will be any features on the record.

Short n’ Sweet sees the return of the singer and songwriter’s “Nonsense” collaborator Julian Bunetta and brings her dream collaborator Jack Antonoff into the fold, too. Antonoff, in particular, worked on about half of the record. “It was only a matter of time,” Carpenter recently told Rolling Stone about working with the producer. “He heard some of the stuff that I was working on for this album, and we just started to make magic.”

Antonoff worked with Carpenter on “Please Please Please,” adding: “She’s becoming one of the biggest young pop stars, and that song is such a statement of ­expressing yourself, not just lyrically, but sonically.” In the same interview, the musician recalled wondering whether the batch of songs she created with Antonoff were a separate project on their own, but explained: “And then, as everything came together, I was like, ‘This is one album.’”


Short n’ Sweet Track List

“Please Please Please”
“Good Graces”
“Sharpest Tool”
“Bed Chem”
“Dumb & Poetic”
“Slim Pickins”
“Lie To Girls”
“Don’t Smile”

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