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Radiohead are “coming back around to that point” of returning – says drummer Philip Selway

Philip Selway has hinted at the idea that Radiohead are “coming back around to that point” of returning and reuniting.

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Appearing on a live stream with the Crow Hill Company on Friday, November 24, Selway said (per Exclaim): “We’ve actually had a little break for a minute; the last show that we did was back in 2018, but we’re coming back ’round to that point now. There is just something particular to that relationship — that creative relationship and personal relationship — actually, you can’t get anywhere else.”

He continued: “We’re all coming back around to that point now of thinking, ‘Right, we’ve had a break — this is it. This feels like something to dive back into and really explore and see what other directions it can take us in.”

Radiohead’s last release was 2016’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool‘. Some fans remain skeptical of the potential reunion due to Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood‘s side project, The Smile, releasing their LP ‘Wall Of Eyes’ next year as well as setting off on a UK and EU tour.

This is not the first time that Selway has hinted at a Radiohead reunion of sorts happening sometime soon. Earlier this year, the drummer said that he and his bandmates would be meeting up early this year to start putting things in motion. “We’re going to get together at the start of [2023], and I’m sure we’re going to start looking at other ideas for what comes next,” he said.

He went on to tell Prog Magazine [via MusicNews]: “We’re always talking about stuff. But in terms of an actual kind of collective project, beyond the ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ stuff that we’ve been doing [2021’s ‘Kid Amnesia’ reissue project and interactive exhibition], it’s kind of further down the line for us when that will happen. We’re talking about that, but at the moment everybody’s doing their own thing.

Singer/guitarist Ed O’Brien, guitarist Jonny Greenwood, lead singer Thom Yorke, bassist Colin Greenwood and drummer Phil Selway of the British rock group Radiohead, pose for a group portrait circa March, 1993 in New York, New York. (EDITOR’S NOTE: SPECIAL FILTER WAS USED ON LENS TO CREATE THIS IMAGE) (Photo by Bob Berg/Getty Images)

“When the pandemic happened, we’d always planned to take a veer off from Radiohead around that, so we could get on with other stuff. But that just meant that those other projects kind of grew, so we’re allowing time for all of those projects to go where they need to. But yeah, we’ll get together soon and in the next couple of years there will be something there, of some sort.”

Speaking to NME earlier this year about the current status of Radiohead, Selway said: “We have got together and we’re talking about future plans, but in the immediate future we’ve all got other projects which we’d all like to see through properly. There’s a collective desire to make music in some form or other amongst the five of us. We all really value that musical relationship, and that’s been there for 38 years. It remains really important to us.”

He continued: “We wouldn’t know anything on that score until we’re all in a room together, and it probably doesn’t have any firm direction until we’re quite a way into it,” the drummer replied. “The short answer to that is: ‘to be confirmed’.

“It’s just about finding that scenario when a group of musicians are all of a mind and firing on all cylinders. That is my dream scenario – to be in that spot. That’s my only aspiration.”

In other news, one of Radiohead’s tracks was used in the soundtrack for The Crown season six.

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