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Petition launched to stop DJs being deported from Taiwan with just two weeks’ notice

A petition has been launched as a way to stop members of the DJ group, Velvet Collective, from being deported from Taiwan with just two weeks’ notice.

In a now-deleted Instagram post made by French-Taiwanese DJ Nathan Alzon (per Mixmag), he claimed that Daniel, Chupis and YuHan of the Velvet Collective are being forced to leave Taiwan after being given a two-week notice. The deportation threat allegedly occurred “due to a reported event where they mixed on stage without a special performance permit”.

Alzon wrote: “Following an event we hosted in August, three of our dearest friends and members of Velvet Collective have been dealt the harsh punishment of being deported from Taiwan given a notice of 14 days, all because they pursued their passion, performing on stage.”

He went on to add that they did not realise that a permit was needed, saying that they each have an ARC visa which they believed were enough for them to perform. He continued: “This lack of information has now led us into an unfortunate situation.”

The petition that was created “seeks justice” for the three DJs and calls on relevant authorities in Taipei, Taiwan, to “reconsider their decision based on these circumstances”.

It also urges for authorties to  “provide clear guidelines about work permits so other artists do not face similar situations in future,” adding: “We believe that artists should be encouraged and supported, not punished because they were uninformed about specific legal requirements.”

Speaking about Daniel, Chupis and YuHan of the Velvet collective, Alzon said: “Not only have they been instrumental to Taiwan’s electronic music scene, but also to Taiwanese society. They have done more than any local could ask of them in integrating themselves into Taiwanese society.”

He added: “They have become such an important part of our community and our lives, and should have every right to call Taiwan home just as much as us locals do.”

The petition via reads: “The consequences of this deportation will not only affect VELVET COLLECTIVE, but also impact the diversity and richness of Taiwan’s music scene which is celebrated worldwide.”

It continued: “We believe that artists should be encouraged and supported, not punished because they were uninformed about specific legal requirements. Taiwan’s music industry is thriving and DJs play a crucial role in it. According to the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM), electronic music events contribute significantly to Taiwan’s economy annually (source: AFEM).”

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