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YNW Melly Murder Trial Closing Arguments: Prosecutors Allege Melly Killed Rappers From Inside the Car

The prosecution claimed that the shots that killed the two men were fired from inside the Jeep, not in a drive-by shooting

Closing arguments took place in the double murder trial of YNW Melly, who is accused of killing fellow rappers Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas in 2018.

On Thursday, prosecutor Kristine Bradley began her closing argument by reiterating earlier claims that the shots that killed Williams and Thomas were fired from inside the Jeep, allegedly from the seat where Demons had been sitting, per Yahoo News. Bradley alleged that Demons had been tracking the Jeep’s location on his phone, and that his co-defendant Cortlen Henry later told investigators that the two men were shot in a drive-by shooting.

Bradley previously told the jury that there was a “lack of evidence” to prove Melly’s claim by his attorneys that a drive-by shooting led to the two men’s deaths.

“The detectives from Miramar … shut down the entire length of Miramar Parkway from 160th to 172nd. They walk side-by-side for an hour, that mile-long stretch, looking for evidence of this drive-by … In this case, the lack of evidence is very important,” Bradley previously stated. “There is a lack of any evidence whatsoever to support that a drive-by happened on Miramar Parkway.”

According to a statement from the Miramar police at the time of the killings, Demons and Henry conspired to make it seem like Williams and Thomas were killed during a drive-by shooting. (Demons pleaded not guilty.)

Throughout the trial, the defense has argued that the gun was never recovered, and that Demons had no clear motive.

“After four years of investigation, the state comes and says, ‘Hey, he killed two of his best friends.’ And you’re wondering why, and their answer is, ‘Uh, I dunno.’ That’s the first indication that they’re just guessing and don’t know what they’re talking about,” Melly’s attorney David Howard previously argued in court, per Miami New Times. He described the prosecution’s investigation as “incompetent and incomplete.”


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