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Watch Lizzo Play ‘Sesame Street’ Flute Before Cookie Monster Makes It His Snack

The singer stopped by the children’s show to play a tune for Elmo

Lizzo stopped by Sesame Street to play a tune for her new friend Elmo, who celebrated the occasion by breaking out a one-of-a-kind flute made out of cookies.

“This it, Elmo?” the singer asks in faux amazement. “I’ve played a lot of instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before. May I?”

Lizzo’s flute tune had Elmo grooving for a few seconds before it also summoned Cookie Monster, who was more interested in the cookie casing of the flute than the music coming out of it.

“That was the one and only cookie flute,” she tells him after all that’s left of it is crumbs and broken pieces. As always, the blue character is unbothered: “I know, how can me not eat it? What an honor.” Still, it isn’t gone forever. Now the sounds of the flute simply emerge from Cookie Monster’s stomach.

Lizzo’s Sesame Street appearance was a long-awaited follow-up to her online studio session with Cookie Monster. In 2019, the pair took to their respective Twitter accounts and whipped up a remix to her hit single “Truth Hurts.”


“Me just took a DNA test turns out me 100% cookies,” Cookie Monster wrote. Soon enough, Lizzo enthusiastically added on: “EVEN WHEN ME CRUMBLE CRAZY ME GOT SHORTBREAD PROBLEMS THATS THE MONSTER IN ME ✨NOM NOM✨ THEN ME EAT EM THATS THE COOKIE IN ME.”

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