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Tegan and Sara Get Nostalgic on New Ballad ‘Faded Like a Feeling’

Quin sisters’ 10th LP Crybaby arrives in Oct., the same month that their Amazon series High School debuts

Tegan and Sara have shared the video for their new ballad “Faded Like a Feeling,” the latest single off the twin duo’s upcoming 10th studio album Crybaby.

The nostalgic visual for the track finds the Quin sisters on a swing set at a riverside park, staring pensively out toward the water as they ruminate on past relationships.

“Faded Like a Feeling” follows “Fucking Up What Matters” and the Coldplay-inspired “Yellow” off Crybaby, due out Oct. 21. Written amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Crybaby marks the Quin sisters’ most collaborative album in years.

“This was the first time where, while we were still drafting our demos, we were thinking about how the songs were going to work together,” Tegan said in a statement. “It wasn’t even just that Sara was making lyric changes or reorganizing the parts to my songs, it was that she was also saying to me, ‘This song is going to be faster,’ or ‘It’s going to be in a different key.’”

Sara added in a recent Rolling Stone interview, “It could be like, ‘Oh, we’re really close right now.’ Or it could just be that we were in a global pandemic and the world felt like it was spinning off its axis, and Tegan was literally one of four people I was allowed to hang out with.  But I do think that having other creative collaborations in my life has made me sort of contextualize what Tegan and I do. We’re very comfortable in what is an uncomfortable process. Making anything with anyone is uncomfortable.”

Before Crybaby’s arrival, the Amazon series High School — based on Tegan and Sara’s 2019 memoir about growing up in the Canadian Rockies — will premiere its first three episodes on Sept. 10 at the Toronto International Film Festival before the series debuts on Amazon Freevee on Oct. 14; the series was also executive produced by the duo.

“Writing the memoir and now making the TV show has sort of satisfied the part of me that always wondered if I would have been happy going back to school,” Sara told Rolling Stone. “I’m getting to see how an entirely different industry works. And being on set five days a week, 12 hours a day, it’s like I’m doing a master’s degree or something. It’s been a really cool experience.”

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