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SZA May Have Shared the Cover of New Album ‘S.O.S.,’ and It’s Glorious

The art feels both like a return to form and new adventure for SZA

SZA shared a striking image of herself sitting serenely at the edge of a white diving board, teetering over a vast cobalt ocean via her Instagram and Twitter accounts on Wednesday. The photo appears to be the cover from her upcoming album, S.O.S., as the Parental Advisory sticker in the bottom left corner further indicates.

She revealed the title and December deadline in a Billboard interview earlier this month. In a second photo posted to Instagram, SZA’s name is visible on the back of the jersey and the album title on the sleeve. A rep from her label Top Dawg Entertainment did not immediately return Rolling Stone‘s request for comment.

The art feels both like a return to form and new adventure for SZA. She’s dressed in a loose hockey jersey, with tan work boots and high white socks at the end of her bare legs, a look that has become signature even as her style has evolved. The potential cover is also reminiscent of that of her iconic debut album Ctrl, which features SZA in a similar fit, sitting in front of a pile of old computers in the woods. 

The new image is also reminiscent of some of the last photos of Diana, Princess of Wales, before she was killed in a Parisian car crash in 1997. She was captured in similar solitude on the diving board of a yacht owned by the father of her romantic partner, Dodi Al-Fayed.


It has been reported that SZA pursued a degree in marine biology before breaking through as a singer, a past and passion to which the the new photo may nod. “I could be a biologist and I’mma discover a creature that didn’t exist before,” she said in the recent interview when discussing her future. “I could be a farmer tomorrow and create my own strain of asparagus. I know that I am that girl where I will figure it out,” she added. “Just like before I was an artist.”

SZA will appear on this weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Keke Palmer.

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