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Someone Crowdsurfed Their Baby to Flo Rida — We Have So Many Questions

It’s worth mentioning that the whole time he’s holding the baby, Flo Rida is sitting on the shoulders of a security guard in the middle of a packed crowd — not on stage

Recently, many artists haven’t been able to step foot on stage without a person in the audience throwing something at them — whether it be Skittles that threaten to blind them, a Ziploc bag of their mother’s ashes, or a cell phone that busts their eyebrow open. And these offerings know no boundaries. During a recent appearance at the Celebrate Erie festival in Pennsylvania, an audience member passed a real-life human baby through the crowd and up to where Flo Rida was rapping about Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur.

In a clip shared on social media, the surrounding audience provided a safe crowdsurfing path for the baby to make it to Flo Rida without being hurt. When he notices the child, who doesn’t look to be any older than one year old, he grabs it from the audience and holds it securely to his side. It’s worth mentioning that this whole time, Flo Rida himself is sitting on the shoulders of a security guard in the middle of a packed crowd — not on stage.

There’s a lot to unpack here. It’s unclear whose baby this is, or how they got it back. Flo Rida wasn’t even entirely sure what to do once he was holding the baby — at one point, he put the microphone to its mouth as if this fresh-from-the-womb human would be able to sing T-Pain’s verses as an impromptu duet. Later on in the show, during “GDFR,” the baby makes an appearance again when someone on-stage holds it up Lion King-style.

It’s a memory that will likely stick with the audience members who saw it happen. Meanwhile, the baby itself will essentially have no recollection of it. It might have some future ear-related health problems, though. This whole time, no one thought to provide the crowdsurfing baby with noise-cancelling headphones or to allow it to skip the Flo Rida concert altogether.


But it will be a cool icebreaker in a couple of years when the baby can proudly say: “I was onstage at a Flo Rida concert before I even developed object permanence.”

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