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Sigur Rós Celebrate 20th Anniversary of ‘( )’ With Expanded Reissue

Icelandic art-rockers Sigur Rós will celebrate the 20th anniversary of ( ) — a.k.a. Untitled, Parenthesis, The Bracket Album or however you referred to it the past two decades — with a reissue of the 2002 LP complete with b-sides and unreleased demos from the recording sessions.

Due out digitally on Oct. 27 and physically on Nov. 25, the ( ) reissue features the album’s original eight untitled tracks — all remastered — along with demos of tracks #6, #7, and #8 — affectionately know as “E-bow,” “Dauðalagið” (The Death Song),” and “Popplagið” (The Pop Song), respectively — plus the three songs that formed “Untitled #9,” the B-side to “Untitled #1.”

Ahead of ( )’s release, Sigur Rós has shared the unreleased Jacobs Studio Sessions version of “Untitled #7,” a.k.a. “Dauðalagið (The Death Song)”: 

The follow-up to Sigur Rós’ 1999 breakout LP Ágætis byrjun, ( ) was similarly delivered in singer/guitarist Jónsi’s made-up “Hopelandic” language, with the lack of song titles adding to the album’s dreamy and confusing atmosphere.

“We didn’t want to put titles on the record just because there are supposed to be titles on the record,” keyboardist Kjartan “Kjarri” Sveinsson (who recently rejoined the band after a 10-year exodus) said in a statement. “Besides, when I refer songs to my friends, I always say, ‘Check out track five,’ or whatever.”

“It’s pretty fun confusing people with having no titles on this album,” Jónsi added in a statement. “The listener just names the song based on what he or she hears. We have our own names for the songs, but we probably interpret them in a different way than other people. We really loved the responses to Ágætis Byrjun, we got all kinds of interpretations from people who didn’t understand Icelandic and thought we were saying other things and it turned out these people were interpreting the songs based on their own lives and atmospheres, which was very precious for us.”

Following their 2020 collaborative soundtrack for Odin’s Raven Magic, Sigur Rós will return with their eighth studio album in 2023, their first proper LP since 2013’s Kveikur.

( ) 20th Anniversary Reissue Track List

1. “Untitled #1” — “Vaka” (The name of Orri’s daughter)
2. “Untitled #2” — “Fyrsta” (The first song)
3. “Untitled #3” — “Samskeyti” (Attachment)
4. “Untitled #4” — “Njósnavélin’ (The Spy Machine)
5. “Untitled #5” — “Alafoss” (The location of the band’s studio)
6. “Untitled #6” — “E-bow” [Georg uses an E-bow on this song]
7. “Untitled #7” — “Dauðalagið” (The Death Song)
8. “Untitled #8” — “Popplagið” (The Pop Song)
9. “Untitled #7” (Jacobs Studio Sessions)*
10. “Untitled #6” (Jacobs Studio Sessions)*
11. “Untitled #8” (Jacobs Studio Sessions)*
12. “Untitled #9 — “Smáskífa” 1 (Small Disc 1)*
13. “Untitled #9 — “Smáskífa” 2 (Small Disc 2) *
14. “Untitled #9 — “Smáskífa” 3 (Small Disc 3) *

*Bonus Material

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