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Sheryl Crow Breaks Down Her New Documentary ‘Sheryl’ on ‘Rolling Stone on Twitch’

Multi-Grammy award winning superstar Sheryl Crow stopped by Rolling Stone’s Twitch channel this past week to talk about her new documentary Sheryl and three new songs on it’s accompanying soundtrack. Sheryl has been in the works for a while, but Sheryl herself indicated in this interview that she was very hesitant to even tell her story until other musicians pushed her.

“I had some encouragement from younger artists. I mean Brandi Carlile… she was one of the people who said you have to do this.” Crow went on to describe how she created connections with young artists in her career, much like the connections she made with Stevie Nicks, Carole King who inspired her to leave her hometown and start her journey.

Crow made it very clear that Sheryl talks about the good times, but does not hold back on the lesser known dark times. Previewing some of the hardships of her career, Crow brought up some deep cuts that really set the scene for what she went through. She noted her song “Weather Channel” as one of those deep cuts, saying “I joke around about how it’s just this really sweet song about suicidal tendencies… but everybody has low lows, and it’s learning how to navigate those low lows, how to get out of them.”

Watch an edited version of the interview below:

Through all the hits, accolades and awards, Sheryl tells the story about the person behind it all. Crow’s triumphant return to the spotlight gives everyone inside and out of the music industry someone to look up to, and a hell of a good story to boot.

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