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Serpentwithfeet Chooses to Follow Love in Sweet ‘Gonna Go’ Video

The singer highlights queer love in the video for his new song.

Valentine’s Day is a day away, and Serpentwithfeet is choosing to “go where the love is.” On Monday, the musician released his reflective, soft R&B single “Gonna Go,” which follows the singer telling the story of a no-labels, queer love as he decides whether to stay in a relationship with no title.

“I got slippers at his house/But we ain’t got no label,” he sings to open the song. “We make good love on his couch/But he’s still not able/To say what he wants from me.”

The Jonathan Aubrie Lewis-directed video shows the sweeter side of the relationship, capturing the singer and the love interest holding hands, having a romantic dinner at a park, and caressing each other, while he sings his doubts about whether to stick around.

“I’m gonna go where the love is,” he sings in the chorus, before adding in the second verse: “I’m sure that pretty soon I’ll start missing your laugh/Or the way you gently sigh when I’m grabbing your ass/But I’ve been crunching numbers and it says you’re not the one.”


“Gonna Go” marks Serpentwithfeet’s first single of the year, and follows the release of “The Hands” from film The Inspection, and several one-off singles, including “I’m Pressed,” “Sailors’ Superstition,” and “Bless the Telephone.”

His most recent album, Deacon, dropped back in 2021, and Soil arrived in 2018. “Deacon works in a lighter register, with four-on-the-floor beats and pop hooks, although it’d be disingenuous to call this a party record,” Rolling Stone‘s review of Deacon states. “Deacon is less ‘clubby,’ and more like dancing in your living room with a glass of wine after dinner.”

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