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Ryder Beer (Yes, Madison Beer’s Brother) Is Ready to Introduce You to His Own Music

Ryder Beer is kickstarting his own musical journey. Ryder, the younger sibling of pop star Madison Beer, released his debut single “Can’t Take It” Friday — and with it, he’s ready to take listeners into his own world.

“So far, my musical journey has been trying to find a sound that felt authentic to me,” he tells Rolling Stone. “There are so many genres out there that I love, but just aren’t me so I took my time in the studio getting to figure out how I wanted to present myself to the world. I think it’s important to go at your own pace and take your time working through that process.”

The video for “Can’t Take It” flashes between images of Beer walking pensively and singing along to the track’s breakup lyrics and flashes of the singer getting intimate with a female love interest. “We moved to the West Coast because you wanted a show,” he sings as he drives a convertible with a girl by his side.

“The video was initially inspired by James Dean. I always loved his style but obviously wanted a modern take on that,” he says. “I felt showing a glimpse of a couple sharing typical new love moments would resonate with an audience because, to me, it felt relatable.”

The idea for “Can’t Take It” was born after hearing his friends say, “I can’t take it anymore,” whenever they were ready to get out of a relationship and were “no longer happy.” After nailing down the song’s concept, he “laid down the beat” and built lyrics for the song.

The debut track from Ryder comes several months after his sister Madison included a song titled “Ryder” on her album Silence Between Songs with lyrics dedicated to him.


“There’s been a lot of emotions and experiences that we’ve shared over the last 12 years of me doing this with my life, which has then affected his life in turn,” she told Rolling Stone of the song at the time. “Becoming older and being able to reflect on how my choices impacted him without me even knowing they were going to, because I was also just such a young kid.”

For Ryder, the track is “the most moving thing,” adding that his older sister has given him advice for his foray into the music business. “I’m so proud of her journey and watching her grow into the artist she’s become,” he says. “Her main piece of advice that has been so helpful is to just stay authentic to myself. I’m really lucky to have her as my sister.”

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