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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Break Up? A Recap of Their Love Story

No more “Vampiros” — it seems Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro might be over. At the end of July, sources told People that the power couple reportedly ended their relationship after more than three years together, also calling off their highly public engagement.

Sources told the magazine that the couple had “love and respect” for each other, but they were going to go their separate ways. The couple had always been coy about their relationship.

Alejandro told Rolling Stone for a cover story in January 2022 that they had been dating for a “while,” and fans have speculated they first crossed paths during the 2019 Latin Grammys, though the couple kept things under the radar in the beginning. “20 . . .” he said before catching himself quickly. “I can’t say.”

From tattoos and a joint EP to lavish dates and red-carpet appearances, here’s a timeline of their time together.

Nov. 2019 — Rosalía and Rauw officially meet

During a sweet GQ interview in mid-2023, the couple answered questions about their relationship, including how they met. Alejandro confirmed that they first crossed paths at the 2019 Latin Grammys in Las Vegas. Rosalía asked him what their first impressions were of each other.

“Your impression was that you fell in love at first sight,” joked Rauw with a laugh.

“I had to work for it,” he said. “You first thought I was a player.”

“It turns out you weren’t,” she responded. “I won the lotto.”

Also in the interview, Alejandro revealed they shared their first kiss on December 23, 2019 during a trip to Madrid. “Wow, what a memory you have!” joked Rosalía.

Nov. 2020 — Rosalía is credited on Afrodisíaco

By November 2020, rumors of the couple’s romance swirled, especially after the Spanish star was credited on several of the songs from Alejandro’s 2020 LP Afrodisíaco. Rosalía is credited as a producer on opener “Dile a Él” — where fans spotted some of her vocals — and as a writer on “Strawberry Kiwi.”

Alejandro later said that she wrote a “crazy top line,” adding that the two often helped each other in coming up with new music ideas. “We respect each other. That’s the main thing,” he said. “We’re not focused on doing music together. If it happens, yeah, of course. We plan to do it, but it’s not going to happen now.”

Sept. 2021 — Rauw and Rosalía confirm they’re together

After being spotted walking out of a restaurant in West Hollywood in August 2021, the couple confirmed their relationship by sharing a sweet TikTok that has garnered more than 9 million likes.

“We saw all the paparazzi, and I was like ‘Yo. What are we gonna do?’ And she told me, ‘You know what? I’m tired of this shit.’” Alejandro later Rolling Stone in his cover story. “And I was like, ‘Fuck it, let’s do it.’ It felt right, so we went down, holding hands at the restaurant. What do you want me to say? Yeah, we’re together.”

The video sees the couple forming a heart together with their arms as part of a trend before Alejandro twirls the Spanish star to form another heart with their hands.

The next day, Rosalía shared a collection of photos to celebrate her birthday, including a selfie of herself in Alejandro’s arms while he plays Xbox. “Blisssssss,” she captioned the post. “Libra and blessed.” In another photo, Rosalía catches Alejandro off guard as she smiles into the camera.

Nov. 2021 — Rosalía presents Rauw with Los 40 Award (and they kiss onstage)

Rosalía and Alejandro walked hand-in-hand at Spain’s Los 40 Music Awards in Mallorca for the first time in November 2021. Later in the night, Rosalía presented his boyfriend with an award as she held back her excited giggles.

The couple shared a kiss onstage before he grabbed the award and Alejandro declared: “To my beautiful girl, who’s my muse.”

Rosalia and Rauw attend ‘Los40 Music Awards’ Photocall on November 12, 2021 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Isabel Infantes/Getty Images

Around that time, Rosalía graced the cover of Rolling Stone En Español, and Alejandro celebrated her accomplishment in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying he was “really proud, man.”

“She’s perfect. She’s beautiful,” he told the outlet, before adding: “She deserves everything that happened, that is happening en su carerra. She works really hard and, you know, [I’m] really happy man.”

Jan. 2022 — Rauw Alejandro talks about Rosalia on the cover of Rolling Stone

Rauw Alejandro opened up about his life and music in a Rolling Stone cover story, sharing that being with Rosalía helps him decompress. “I try to be with my girl,” he said. “We fly a weekend off, if we can.”

 “There’s people that love drama, and we’re not like that,” Rauw said about their relationship. “There’s a bunch of pop stars where it’s like the whole telenovela, and I hate that shit. I really hate that shit. We’re real stuff. We’ve been together for a while.” 

Alejandro also teased the coming of Rosalía’s beloved Motomami album saying: “It’s amazing, it’s amazing. When I heard the whole album, phewww. She’s a GOAT. She’s innovative. She’s creating new sounds.”

And he clarified his previous “muse” comment at the Los40, by saying: “Not all the songs are about her specifically. She can be my muse, but she inspires me in different ways: sounds, production-wise, not literally. People get confused. Right now, if I put out a sad song, it doesn’t have anything to do with my personal life.”

A track that’s for sure about her? “Aquel Nap ZzZz,” he admitted.

Spring 2022 — Valentine’s Day celebrations and tattoos

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro celebrated their first official Valentine’s Day with Alejandro sharing some photos of the two together with the caption reading “my muse” in Spanish.

The following month, Rosalía visited El Hormiguero and shared that she. had an “RR” tattoo on her foot. (As we know, that’s their initials and also the name of the joint EP dropped in March 2023.) “It hurt a lot because I got it done without any sort of numbing,” she told the show of the tattoo. “I told [him], ‘I’m going to get your initial tatted because it’s also mine.’ “

And then in April, fans got to see Alejandro’s tattoo with Rosalía’s name — in the font of her Motomami art — above his belly button for the first time following the singer’s concert in San Jose’s SAP Center.

Fall 2022 — Halloween, onstage surprises, and vocal lessons

Rosalía celebrated her 30th birthday with Alejandro in New York City at the end of September. Rosalía shared photos of the two visiting an arcade and a cake Alejandro got her.

Two weeks later, while performing at Los Angeles’ YouTube Theater, Alejandro surprised Rosalía onstage during her Motomami tour performance. As fans took the stage during “Despechá,” Alejandro approached her from behind as Rosalía looked shock before continuing to perform the track with Alejandro on stage with her.

And then for Halloween, the couple celebrated by dressing up as Shinji and Asuka from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. “La Asukalía,” she captioned the photos.

Ahead of the release of his album Saturno, Alejandro spoke to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in mid-November to share details about his writing process, revealing that he was taking singing classes. “I’ve been taking vocal classes, thanks to my girl,” he told Lowe. “She always like, ‘You need to practice more.’ Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll do it. She practices her vocals every day with her professor,” before adding, “She inspires me.”

Several days later, they walked the Latin Grammys red carpet together, before Rosalía grinded on Alejandro during a performance of “Despechá.” “I feel very happy and very blessed to be here and more by your side @rosalia.vt I love you mami!” wrote Alejandro on Instagram. “This year is more special than ever because I’m sharing it with the love of my life,” added Rosalía in her own post after winning several trophies.

“I hugged the two people I love the most in this life, because they also know how much I had to fight to finish this album,” Rosalía later explained in her Rolling Stone cover story about celebrating that night. “Starting an album isn’t a big challenge if you have dreams about it, but finishing it … that’s another thing.”

March 2023 — Rauw and Rosalía get engaged (and make music together too)

In Nov. 2022, Rosalía told Billboard that the two of them had started to make music together. “We have been in the studio, like you know, but we will have to see.” (She also revealed that her favorite songs by Alejandro are “Lejos Del Cielo” and “Corazón Despeinado.”)

By March 2023 — ahead of her appearance at Coachella — the pair released RR, a three-song project featuring both artists: “Beso,” “Vampiros,” ad “Promesa.” RR offered a chance for Rauw and Rosalia to marry their sonic approaches and sky-high streaming numbers, putting their chemistry as artists on display after they spent the last year cranking out top, award-winning hits, albums, and tours.

With the release, the couple used the music video for “Beso” to finally confirm engagement rumors that started circulating after Rosalia posted photos wearing a diamond ring on her left hand. Neither commented publicly, but the video — a montage that shows them giggling in bed, kissing backstage, and sitting on airplanes together — ends with Rosalia in tears just moments after the proposal. 

April 2023 — Their first performance together + Coachella

Rauw Alejandro launched his Saturno World Tour while performing in San Juan, Puerto Rico — and brought out Rosalía. The couple performed songs from their joint EP RR for the first time, helping Rauw round out the iconic show.

 “This is a special night because I’m going to sing with the love of my life for the first time onstage,” he said on stage. They shared a sweet moment while singing the romantic “Beso” to each other. In between their caresses, Alejandro stole a kiss from Rosalía to the delight of the crowd. Things heated up once Rosalía started twerking on Alejandro while going into the high-energy “Vampiros.”

Rauw Alejandro later joined Rosalía on stage during her Coachella performance. The couple performed “Beso” and “Vampiros” as they shared kisses and smiles onstage.

July 25, 2023 — ¿Se acabó? Rauw and Rosalía rumored to have split

Nearly two years after revealing their relationship (and after three years of being together), People confirmed that the couple had decided to end their engagement and split as a couple. The report said. that the two continued to have “respect and love” for each other.


Representatives for Rosalía declined to comment, while representatives for Alejandro did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone’s request for comment.

Days before the People confirmation, Rosalía celebrated the end of her Motomami era, and included a seeming reference to the end of her relationship: “Motomami has been a hurricane that brought and took so many things from my life.” She also shared a selfie of herself crying a few days prior.

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