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Rauw Alejandro’s ‘De Carolina’ Video Takes a Ride Through His Old Neighborhood

The song, which features Dj Playero, appears on Rauw Alejandro’s latest album Saturno

Rauw Alejandro captures a glimpse of his old stomping grounds in the music video for Saturno deep cut “De Carolina,” locking in on the small, day-to-day moments that make Carolina, a city on the outskirts of Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan, feel like home to him.

“La gente sabe que somos de la calle,” the song opens with a homecoming chat, Alejandro latter issuing the reminder: “Somos de Carolina y venimos virao.”

In the video, directed by Martin Seipel, a woman paints her nails bright red while a young boy runs out of the house to join his friends on a bike ride through the streets. They cruise by older men playing dominos in their front yards while others go head to head on the basketball court. When they meet up with their friends, a hangout on the corner ends in everyone scattering in different directions. It’s just another day on the block.

Alejandro stops in for a quick shape-up in a friend’s driveway before all of the day’s events culminate in a grand celebration as swarms of people show up for an impromptu hometown concert. The event seemed to carry the energy of a lively block party more so than the huge festival and concert audiences he’s usually performing for.


“I always had a little bit of city, but when I returned home, it was farms,” Alejandro told Rolling Stone earlier this year, recounting his time moving around Puerto Rico before settling in Carolina. Still, even as his reach as an artist grows to global scales, he still maintains a collection to his home. “I think God sends people to do different jobs,” he added. “If I need to be there to represent my island and my people, I’ll do it.” For Alejandro, his guiding principle is making music for Puerto Ricans.

Next year, the pop star will embark on a massive world tour that currently has 67 shows on his schedule, including arenas throughout the U.S.

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