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Quavo and Takeoff Talk Working Together as a Duo Separately From Migos: We ‘Easily Bounce Off’ Each Other

Over the summer, Quavo and Takeoff began pursuing a partnership with each other separately from their Migos third member, Offset. Sitting down for their first official interview as a duo, the pair of rappers revealed that they’ve barely noticed a difference in their creative process without Offset.

“The chemistry is the same, and the recording is the same,” Quavo told Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller, hosts of Warner Music Group podcast Rap Radar. “We always normally record by ourselves because we’re so crazy on just dropping new shit on each other.”

Quavo and Takeoff don’t mention Offset by name in the trailer previewing the podcast episode set for release on Aug. 18, instead expanding on their creative connection to one another. Even before forming Migos, the trio grew up together in Atlanta and started Migos as a family affair: Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle, and Offset is Quavo’s cousin.

“The chemistry has been there since day one,” Takeoff added of working with Quavo on separate projects. “We easily bounce off.”

While the group has yet to address their status formally, Quavo and Takeoff began releasing music in tandem under their individual names, their first single “Hotel Lobby” arriving with the alternate title “Unc and Phew” in May. They recently released their second single, “Us vs. Them,” where Gucci Mane momentarily fills in the vacant third spot. During an interview with GQ, Quavo explained that branching off was a natural necessity to keeping Migos in motion.

“It was all about Migos, Migos, Migos. The three of us,” he said of the trio’s first decade together. “I feel like every group member has to establish themselves. Their own body of work. If not, you start losing members.”

But Quavo and Takeoff seem to have an almost competitive understanding of each other as performers. “I feel like we make the best music in the studio together because even if we say a bad bar or a bar that don’t work, we’ll say it don’t work,” Quavo explained on Rap Radar. “But far as like, sitting in the studio and recording, I can’t wait to bring some new music to Takeoff.”

“Remember when I used to call you when I used to be doing something, I’d call you over the phone just to hear the song?” Takeoff added. “I don’t want to wait til I get to him. I just can’t wait, so I had to call him.”

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