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Paul Rudd Is Down on His Luck Again in Claud’s Funny ‘A Good Thing’ Video

Paul Rudd plays a flustered mailman who is incapable of delivering letters because he is worried about his ailing ferret in the video for Claud’s “A Good Thing.” The track appears on the artist’s Supermodels album, out today. (The album, incidentally, contains a song titled “Paul Rudd.”)

Finding Claud’s mail shouldn’t be such an issue — they have only one name after all — but Rudd gets confused when a diaphanous red ribbon covers the “D” on a well-wrapped present, insisting it’s for “Clau.” The comedy doesn’t stop there (and he invokes his poor ferret again), even after Rudd leaves and the guitar kicks in.

Claud, of course, opens the package, either lying about it being for a girlfriend or in the act of consummate selfishness and pays the price since it’s a sweater that immediately starts unraveling. They remain happy-go-lucky though, matching the tone of the song, which bears all the hallmarks of mainstream Eighties pop-rock: a slamming snare drum, gently muted guitar thrumming, and an instantly hummable chorus: “What if I just leave a good thing alone?/Don’t try to fix it if it isn’t broke.” That buoyant, carefree spirit guides Claud in the song and in the video as they rock out, dance, and skip along to the beat. Even Rudd looks pretty stoked before the video ends.

“Over the last couple months, I’ve revealed the more intimate parts of Supermodels, but now I’m really excited for everyone to hear the windows-down, radio-up moments of my album,” Claud said in a statement. “Songs like ‘A Good Thing’ and ‘Paul Rudd’ capture an anthemic, everything works out in the end type feeling. That’s why I had to have Paul Rudd in the music video for ‘A Good Thing.’”


Claud went on to say that they met Rudd briefly at a Taylor Swift concert, and it was just long enough to confess that there was a song titled “Paul Rudd” on Supermodels. “He so generously gave me his email asking to hear it,” they said. “In the email I explained that ‘Paul Rudd’ and many other songs on the record are about me trying to imagine myself as a cool and confident person similar to the types of characters he plays, in contrast to the real-life shy and nervous person I often am. Filming this music video really pushed me out of my shell in a lot of ways, as did making this album. I hope you like Supermodels as much as Paul Rudd and I do!”

Claud will hit the road for a summer and fall tour in support of Supermodels. The North American dates kick off in Chicago on Sept. 6.

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