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‘Living in the Moment’ with Andrew Spencer and Chateau Ste. Michelle at Governors Ball 2023

This year, Governors Ball partnered with Chateau Ste. Michelle, the festival’s official wine sponsor. With nearly 40 years in crafting unique wine and music experiences, Chateau Ste. Michelle encouraged festival-goers to put down their phones, raise a glass, and celebrate ‘living in the moment’ with their robust selection of high-class wines.

Alison Narro

Joining them on their mission was football player, social media influencer and reality TV star Andrew Spencer. Presented with a wide variety of wines, Spencer enjoyed a weekend of music and fun with friends in New York City.

Though my interview with Andrew Spencer took place through a Zoom call, the virtual barrier proved to be no match for his undeniable charm, humor and charisma. As a long-time fan of Spencer, I was delighted to hear about his incredible experience with Chateau Ste. Michelle at this year’s Governors Ball.


Being an influencer, a lot of your job revolves around being on your phone. How was your experience ‘living in the moment’ at Governors Ball?

I loved it. It was good to just be there and hang out with my buddy that I haven’t seen in a while. Any chance that you can get to put your phone down and enjoy the moment is definitely a moment you’ve gotta take, dude. It was good to have that little bit of a challenge to stay off of it and just be there.

It was great to have Chateau Ste. Michelle. I love it. I’m a big white wine guy. You’ve got a little bit of wine in your glass, and you’re just kind of dancing. I feel like I was doing the uncle dance at the barbecue, you know?! He’s got the drink in one hand, and he’s just kind of vibing. That’s how I felt there. It was just relaxing, you know? I just wasn’t thinking of anything, just being there.

What’s the best part about festival season?

I would have to say, seeing the people who go there and obviously, you know, their different kinds of styles and getting to see the artists. Sometimes you’ll see [people you see on television] walking around and out and about. Once you see them up close, there’s just a different surreal aspect about it.

I mean, that’s how I feel talking to my favorite reality TV star!

Hey! Get out of here, man! I appreciate it, though.

This was an important year for Governors Ball because it was held at an exciting new location. How did you like the ambiance of being in New York at Flushing Meadows Corona Park?

It was good, man! I never knew you had so much green there, being a city. And then you get to see this big old park with a lot going on. It was really cool.

Did you have a favorite Chateau Ste. Michelle wine you tried at the festival?

Definitely the Domaine Ste. Michelle Sparkling wine, but I did also like the Frosé they had there. That was really good.

I don’t know if you know this, but you tried the debut of the Frosé! This was the first little taste of it, and it’s going to be on shelves soon.

Nuh-uh! That’s definitely going to be a fan favorite, for sure.

There was a special phone-free pop-up that you attended and there was a special guest that performed there. Who was that special guest and how was the experience?

Oh yeah, that was a really good experience. It was very intimate! There was a rumor that Diplo was going to be playing there, and as soon as he walked in, he just went straight to the set. Everyone was around having a good time, vibing. He was playing more of an Afrobeats style, which was really cool. That got a lot of the crowd hyped. Wined-up, close, front row, everything! It was really cool. I think I was definitely more in tune with some of the lyrics and just the vibes.

The great part about these festivals is they have these really robust lineups of incredible artists from different cultures, backgrounds and genres. Which was your favorite performance at Governors Ball?

I gotta tell you, man. Just to be able to see Ice Spice perform was pretty good… I gotta admit!

Okay, so Andrew is a certified ‘munch’?

Yes, I think so. Diplo was right next to us and he’s definitely a munch, as well!

Did you learn anything new from your experience of ‘living in the moment’ that you would implement into your next festival?

I definitely would love to implement [living in the moment] a little bit more when I’m doing something extraordinary, instead of trying to show everyone what I’m doing. I guess to have the best camera of them all, and that’s just my memory. So, I’ll keep those to myself and just be able to talk with the friends and family who I experience them with. 


Admittedly, at the end of our call, I left with a bit of FOMO from missing out on the festivities. Spencer’s once-in-a-lifetime experience with Chateau Ste. Michelle and Governors Ball left me pining for live music, friends and an ice-cold Frosé under New York lights.


When wrapping up our conversation about ‘living in the moment’ and the importance of being present for the performances, Spencer had this to say, “I think [just listening to the music] is one of the most beautiful things in the world that humans do.”

I’d have to agree.

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