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Lil Yachty Says ‘I Love You’ Too Fast and Ruins the Vibe in ‘Say Something’ Video

The song appears on his latest album Let’s Start Here

Hopeless romantics always run the risk of tarnishing their favorite things with the memories of relationships that didn’t exactly work out for them. In the video for his latest Let’s Start Here single “Say Something,” Lil Yachty learns this the hard way after he jumps the gun on a date and says “I love you” to a girl he’s known for two weeks.

“Mm, mm, don’t ever in your life say that to me again,” she responds. “That shit just made me itch. What are you talking about, ‘love me?’” Decked out in his best look – a red and white buffalo check jacket covered in sequins and a pristine black gel manicure – the rapper had spent the whole night imagining their future together, from date nights and vacations to marriages and children.

“I was thinking we’d be together,” he tells her. “That’s why I brought you here. This is my favorite dinner, my favorite fries.” Rejecting the reminder that it’s only been 14 days since they started hanging out, Yachty adds: “But this is different. We are different.”


The major difference here is that he loves her, but she has her sights set on someone else. Leaving the dinner, where his favorite booth is now forever tarnished, Yachty drags his giant heart across the parking lot before slowly spiraling towards insanity.

“With the bitter taste of rejection in his mouth, a heavy-hearted man wondered why he simply just wasn’t good enough,” Yachty says from the backseat of his character’s car, shifting into his best impression of Rod Sterling on The Twilight Zone. “Of course, the only place he’ll find those answers is within.”

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