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Lil Nas X Drops New Single ‘Star Walkin” for League of Legends Tourney

Lil Nas X has dropped his new single, “Star Walkin’,” the theme song for the upcoming League of Legends video game tournament.

In addition to the track, Lil Nas X was also appointed (honorary) President of League of Legends — an online multiplayer battle arena game and perhaps the world’s biggest esport — while Riot Games, the company behind LoL, rebranded itself as Lil Nas Xecutive Records.

In an interview with Apple Music, Lil Nas X, who is admittedly “not really much of a gamer anymore,” talked about his new job as well as the single. “For whatever reason, I have a huge gamer fan base, and this is sick for them,” the rapper said.

“Making this song was a lot of fun. I had the verses forever, and it took, no joke, 30 different, 40 different 50, I don’t know how many different hooks, to get the hook to a place where I’m, ‘Okay, this is something I like. That’s cool.’ But overall, I had a fun time in the studio. I had a fun time putting these pop elements and drill elements together. I thought it was really cool.”

As for how he got involved in the collaboration, Nas X joked, “They were, ‘Hey, we have some money.’ No, I’m kidding. No, I actually thought it was super dope that a gaming company that’s so big wanted to work with me. And I thought it was so… As I said, I, for whatever reason, have that huge gamer fan base, and they’re going up for this, so…Yeah. Sick.”

Lil Nas X, currently on his Long Live Montero Tour, will debut the song live when the League of Legends World Final takes place at San Francisco’s Chase Center on Nov. 5.

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