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Lewis Capaldi Cries, Curses Ed Sheeran During Hilariously Unhinged ‘Hot Ones’ 

The singer recently released his sophomore studio album Broken By Desire to Be Heavenly Sent, but barely even got around to talking about it once the heat of the wings took hold

There are only two entries on Lewis Calapdi’s “Fuck You” list, specially reserved for those who have wronged him. In one spot is Tony’s Fish Bar, a restaurant in his native Scotland that makes a killer slice of pizza but has never given him free food, no matter how many times he’s shouted them out in interviews, as he does in the latest installment of the wing-eating interview series Hot Ones. In the other and probably top spot, of course, is his faux-rival Ed Sheeran, for no good reason beyond the fact that he’s Ed Sheeran. So naturally, Capaldi also made sure to send the singer a heartfelt “fuck you” during the episode.

And Hot Ones host Sean Evans also came pretty close to making it onto the list himself by the fifth or sixth wing. Capaldi recently released his sophomore studio album Broken By Desire to Be Heavenly Sent, but barely even got around to talking about it. Once the heat of the wings took hold, they entered a state of “no thoughts, head empty.” The sarcasm in his voice when he thanked Evans for having him on the show as sweat and tears poured down his face, couldn’t have been more clear.

And this wasn’t Capaldi’s first Hot Ones run-in. During the episode, the singer told the story of the night he ran into Evans at a nightclub neither of them were prepared for. “I feel like we were both maybe a little bit fish out of water — or maybe that’s your vibe, maybe you love walking into clubs and seeing titties,” he considered.


Despite whatever shirtless escapades were going on that night, Capaldi was most excited to see Evans, so much so in fact that he momentarily abandoned his good friend Niall Horan on the couch to go introduce himself and shoot his shot at being on the show.

“I’m sure you will,” Evans told him at the time about a potential appearance. But Capaldi didn’t take any chances. “Just in case I don’t, can you record an intro for me on my phone?” he asked the host, who happily obliged. Capaldi kept it like a souvenir on his phone ever since. Now he at least has an official one — who says manifestation doesn’t work?

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