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Kid Rock says he and Donald Trump confronted CEO over Bud-Light controversy at UFC fight

Kid Rock has claimed that both he and Donald Trump confronted Anheuser-Busch’s CEO over their Bud-Light partnership with a trans activist.

While appearing as a guest on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, the singer claimed that during his appearance alongside Trump at UFC 295 on November 11, the two confronted Anheuser-Busch’s CEO Brendan Ball Whitworth in regards to the company’s partnership with trans activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who is a Bud Light brand influencer.

“So [Trump and I] go over, and we actually had a great conversation [with Whitworth].I told him, ‘You signaled to a lot of people like myself … by sending that can to the trans kid, you kind of signaled to us that you support that lifestyle, and more importantly, men being in women’s sports or in my granddaughter’s locker room. Most of us draw a hard line right there,’” Rock said.

He continued by saying that he never called fans to “boycott or cancel” the brand. “I said eff you. What are you doing, injecting yourself into this conversation, these polarizing social issues?” he asked. “You could be doing so much more positive stuff just making us laugh and drink beer.”

Earlier this year, Rock hit out at Anheuser-Busch over its partnership with trans activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who is a Bud Light brand influencer.

He posted a video of himself using a semi-automatic rifle to shoot bullets at several cases of Bud Light which had been placed on top of a table by a river.

“Grandpa is feeling a little frisky today. Let me tell you as clear and concise as possible,” he said before shooting the beer. He then raised his middle finger and shouted: “Fuck Bud Light and fuck Anheuser-Busch.”

He also added that he could “co-exist in public spaces” with transgender and gay people. “Be yourself. If you’re cool with me, I’m cool with you — that’s how most people are,” he said. “But as soon as you bring our kids into this, that’s where you’re gonna bring hatred into it. Leave our freaking kids out of it. That’s the bottom line.”

Recently, Dolly Parton defended her decision to keep a duet with Kid Rock on the tracklist of her new album ‘Rockstar’, arguing that cancel culture is “terrible”.

“Somebody was talking to me the other day: ‘How could you do this [song] with Kid?’” she said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “I said, ‘Hey, just because I love you don’t mean I don’t love Kid Rock. Just because I love Kid Rock don’t mean I don’t love you.’ I don’t condemn or criticise. I just accept and love.”

She continued: “Like I said, I had done that before, but I’d have probably still done it, because he is a gifted guy, and that song was about a bad boy; it was about a boy that was cheating and mistreating her. But like I say, I love everybody. I don’t criticize, I don’t condone nor condemn. I just accept them. But anyhow, just because I love you don’t mean I don’t love Kid Rock in that God way.”

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