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Joe Keery Feels Disconnected From Reality on Djo Single ‘Figure You Out’

The song comes from his upcoming album Decide, out September 16

Stranger Things star Joe Keery is slightly confused on his latest track, “Figure You Out,” the third single from his upcoming album Decide, out Sept. 16 under his solo project Djo. The Bowie-esque record sorts through a brief disconnect from reality.

“Is the memory really mine?/Is the story I told just fake?/How can you get to know yourself?” Keery asks himself. “Take a test and you get a grade/If the monеy just wasn’t there/And the powеr had was gone/And these people were just like you/Tell me then would you lend a hand?”

The answers aren’t as clear as he may have expected, but he’s trying to figure it out.
“Figure You Out” follows the release of “Change” and “Gloom” in introducing Decide. The record marks Keery’s first album as Djo since 2019’s Twenty Twenty.

“I was trying not to edit myself on this album,” he told NME in a recent interview. “On the last one, I had some lyrics that I made more general or vague. [But on the new album], I listened to a lot of Kendrick Lamar, and what he does really well is focus on specific, personal lyrics. That makes them so much more powerful – and so I tried to embrace that even if it was showing an ugly side of me.”

Keery first began shaping Decide during the pandemic. In 2020, he told Rolling Stone: “I have been recording for fun, downloading music, for a really long time. And it’s something that I always wanted to do. I had a bunch of songs that were done and ready and pretty mixed, and I had a friend, this guy named Adam Thein, and me and him took the songs over the finish line.”

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