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Iggy Azalea Says She Was Unable to Move for 3 Weeks After Back Surgery ‘Complications’

Iggy Azalea is counting her blessings as she recovers from what she assumed would be a “rather mundane surgery.” On Monday morning, the rapper revealed that she was left unable to walk for weeks after she had a procedure on her back.

“Wanna hear a crazy story?” Azalea tweeted. “I was supposed to travel to Australia and film a movie but right before I left I had what I thought would be a rather mundane surgery on my back to fix the issues I had after touring two summers in a row on an injury.”

Azalea, who was on tour as an opener for Pitbull, added, “It didn’t end up being very mundane because I had complications with my recovery & ended up in bed hooked up to a million machines and in so much pain there are about 3 days I actually just can’t remember at all.”

Azalea explained how being bedridden — and only getting up to use the restroom — caused her to become weak. “It happens really fast,” she wrote.

Now, the star said she’s starting to move again, doing “lil workouts” to get back to her original strength, hopefully by Christmas.

“I will recover 100%,” she wrote, later adding, “It’s been very mentally challenging to suddenly not be able to do anything for yourself and have no answers about when you will recover. That was the hardest part but all the Drs have been so happy with how quickly I’m getting better now that I’m back moving & walking.”

As for the movie she was supposed to be in? She “missed that opportunity,” she wrote. “But I’m just thankful to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. I think I’m gonna seriously get into my fitness after this. I value my body in a whole new way after this experience.”

Azalea wrapped her Twitter thread by letting fans know that she’d keep them updated as she continues her recovery. “Stay healthy everyone and pay attention to what your body is telling you!”

Azalea also replied to fan comments and questions, adding that on the first day of her recovery, she “couldn’t stand for more than 3 mins,” but is now able to stand for half an hour. And while she still has a long way to go before she’s back to normal, the star said she’s “doing great.”

“I def profusely cried daily for the first two weeks but then I sucked it up and said: Don’t let it beat you bitch!” Azalea tweeted.


The news about her surgery comes after Billboard reported that Domain Capital paid an 8-figure sum to acquire Azalea’s masters and publishing catalog, including hits like “Problem,” “Fancy,” Black Widow,” and her recent LP The End of an Era.

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