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Huey Morgan calls current Fun Lovin’ Criminals line-up “frauds and cowards”

Huey Morgan has once again hit out at the current Fun Lovin’ Criminals line-up, calling the band “frauds and cowards”.

Morgan stepped down as frontman of the New York City group in late 2021. In a statement at the time, the remaining members wished him “all the best with his endeavours” and said they would “continue as Fun Lovin’ Criminals”.

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Currently, the band comprises Brian ‘Fast’ Leiser, Frank Benbini and Naim Cortazzi. Morgan formed the band in 1993 with Leiser and Steve Borgovini, the latter of whom left in 1999. Drummer Benbini joined the line-up in 2003.

Leiser revealed after Morgan’s exit that he would be the replacement lead singer, with Cortazzi stepping in as the new guitarist.

Last month, Morgan described the current iteration of Fun Lovin’ Criminals as a “sad & creepy tribute act” and told fans he was no longer in the band.

In a previous update, Morgan claimed that FLC had “blocked” him online and he accused them of “trying to pull a fast one” on their fanbase. “[They] don’t want y’all to know I’m not in the band anymore,” he added.

Taking to X/Twitter yesterday (November 14), Morgan wrote: “I’m wondering why @funlovincrims have blocked me from all their social media for simply stating I’m no longer in the band?

“It’s because they’re frauds and cowards and they can’t stand that I am finally speaking up. they didn’t even have the guts to speak to me before they announced my ‘departure’.”

He went on to tell fans not to “be fooled” by Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ upcoming UK and Ireland tour, which will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their second album ‘100% Colombian’ (1998).

“It’s all a bullshit hustle to grab your cash,” Morgan said.

He also replied to a post from a fan, who said they were “really looking forward to seeing them” live. “You’re gonna be seeing a tribute act my guy,” Morgan wrote.

“It’s the original keyboard player pretending to be me, singing my lyrics backed up by 2 guys from Leicester.”

In a reply last Sunday (November 12), Morgan said Fun Lovin’ Criminals were “blocking reality” before calling them chumps”. You can see the posts below.

During an Instagram Live broadcast in March 2022, Leiser and Benbini said that their relationship with Morgan had become “strained” prior to his departure (via the Mail Online).

The pair claimed that their former bandmate had decided he didn’t want to tour with the group, and instead wanted to focus on presenting and DJing.

Morgan is also well known for his career as a DJ and broadcaster on BBC Radio 6 Music and beyond. The Huey Show currently airs on the station between 10am and 1pm on Saturdays, and he has previously hosted programmes on Radio 2.

Morgan released his debut solo album, ‘Say It To My Face’, in 2012 under the moniker Huey And The New Yorkers.

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