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Gracie Abrams Drops Her Emotional Facade on New Single ‘Where Do We Go Now?”

The song will appear on the singer’s debut album Good Riddance, out February 24

Things are complicated for Gracie Abrams. On “Where Do We Go Now?” the singer’s emotional facade falls as she reflects on the little white lies that added up and took a new shape as bright red flags. Backed into a corner by her own feelings, she lays all of her cards out on the table, uncertain of where that leaves her or the person she’s bearing her soul to.

“24th street/Where you held me, grabbed my arm/What a mental fire alarm/Cause a lot of that felt wrong,” she confesses, sounding both remorseful and emphatic. “Like I miss you/But when I kissed you back, I lied/You don’t know how hard I tried/Had to fake the longest time.”

In the accompanying Gia Coppola-assisted video, Abrams ambles around alone. Shifting between grayscale and soft tones, the visual echoes the song’s sense of unease and uncertainty, as if the singer really has nothing else to do but sit in her own self-reflections – even when she’s toying with her own shadow, the answer to “Where Do We Go Now?” doesn’t make itself clear.


“Where Do We Go Now?” offers the first glimpse at Abrams’ forthcoming debut album Good Riddance, out Feb. 24. Holed up at Long Pond Studio in New York’s Hudson Valley with close collaborator Aaron Dessner of the National, the singer and songwriter looked at creating the record as being an exercise in growing up.

“I feel an unbelievable amount of gratitude for the opportunity to have made this album,” the 23-year-old wrote in a statement. “Writing this record allowed me to grow up in ways I need to. It forced me to reflect and be accountable. It allowed me to walk away from versions of myself that I no longer recognized. It allowed me to let go.”

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