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Finneas Is Recovering From Surgery After ‘Demolishing’ His Collarbone in Electric Bike Crash

“I’m feeling great!” the artist wrote on Instagram, saying he’s expected to recover by Billie Eilish’s shows in December

Finneas is on the mend — and being an Optimist — after undergoing surgery following an electric bike crash that “demolished” his collarbone and fractured his right elbow. On Thursday, he shared an update with fans about his health, saying he’s “feeling great” after the crash.

“Last Friday, I had the pleasure of crashing my electric bike, flying over the handlebars and absolutely demolishing my collarbone as well as sustaining a radial head fracture to my right elbow,” Finneas wrote, sharing his X-ray. “The severity of the displacement of my collarbone meant I required surgery which I am now on the other side of and I’m feeling great!”

Finneas continued by thanking his doctors and physical therapist for their “incredible treatment.”

“I also want to thank my family for their support and love, and most of all Claudia Sulewski for dropping everything to take care of me the second this happened,” he wrote, referring to his girlfriend. (The duo was so adorable in his “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa” video.) “She has been an Angel through all of this. I’m told with hard work, I’ll be able to play Billie’s forum shows come December which I am so grateful for.”

He also reminded fans that wearing a helmet is important. “As foolish as I felt after the fall, my prevailing emotion is gratitude. You see, I was not wearing a helmet. Lesson forever learned,” he wrote. “I feel so lucky to still be here. Take care of yourselves, thank your bodies for all that they do for you. See you all again soon.”

Finneas wrapped his Happily Ever tour with Eilish in late September and recently joined Ashe in L.A. for their song “Till Forever Falls Apart.” The singer also dropped several songs this earlier this year, including “Hate to Be Lame” and “Naked.”

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