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Finn Wolfhard Shares New Song ‘Pieces of Gold’ as Indie Musician Ziggy Katz

Wolfhard performs original single as his character in the upcoming A24 film When You Finish Saving the World, out Jan. 20

Introducing Ziggy Katz: the viral sensation who performs indie rock and folk music on livestreams from his bedroom in the Midwest, which is actually just the film set where Finn Wolfhard portrays him. Wolfhard, or rather Ziggy, star of the upcoming A24 film When You Finish Saving the World, has shared the first real song from the fake singer, “Pieces of Gold.”

The original song is more atmospheric than the releases of Ziggy’s supposed major influences — Elvis, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan, according to the faux artist’s Spotify bio. The fake-deep singer, according to the brief paragraph, would describe his style as “classic folk rock” if he absolutely had to, but he’d rather not. He “hates” labels.

Committing to the indie musician bit, the bio references a song titled “Particles of You,” noting that Rolling Stone called it “lengthy.” We didn’t say that, but based on the drawn-out sound of “Pieces of Gold,” it’s probably accurate.

In theaters Jan. 20, When You Finish Saving the World was written and directed by Jesse Eisenberg, who also contributed original music to the forthcoming soundtrack. The original soundtrack will also feature Jeff Tweedy’s cover of “Union Maid,” a labor anthem dating back to June 1940. Emile Mosseri composed the score for the film.


Wolfhard acts opposite Julianne Moore in the film. She plays the role of his mother, a philanthropic woman named Evelyn who has an easier time connecting with the strangers she helps through hard times than she does her own son. It’s while volunteering at a shelter that she encounters a teenager who may lead her to see Ziggy in a different light — one more similar to the one she shines under than either may have realized.

When You Finish Saving the World also features Alisha Boe, Jay O. Sanders, Billy Bryk, and Eleanore Hendricks.

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