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DJ Khaled Announces New Album With Threatening Yet Motivational Trailer

Hip-hop’s most relentless motivational speaker DJ Khaled has announced his 14th studio album, Til Next Time. The first release from the album, titled “Supposed to be Loved,” will arrive on Friday with a guest lineup of Lil Baby, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert. The album itself doesn’t yet have a release date — but that’s all part of DJ Khaled’s plans to keep anyone from predicting his next move. It does, however, have a teaser trailer that has threatening, almost sinister energy to it.

“Success ain’t easy, you gotta want it. You gotta want it so bad that you’re willing to put everything on the line, even if you gotta risk your own life. That’s how bad you gotta want it. Forget just wanting it — you gotta work,” DJ Khaled insists in the over 4-minute long clip. “You gotta be willing to out-work everybody, especially the ones that’s standing in your way. Man, it’s hard. This shit hard. You think this shit is easy? I just make it look easy. I’m that great. In the meantime, Til Next Time.”

Over the duration of the video, he goes swimming in the bluest of oceans, de-stresses with a relaxing massage, and hits impossible hole in ones on a luxurious golf course. He also issues a reminder that while he was doing all of that — succeeding, essentially — you were ten steps behind him.

“While you were hugging your pillow, putting slob all over it, inflicting wounds all over your face — all them zipper marks, we should call you zipper face — I was out here hustling,” he says. It’s like a tough love pep talk for people who post about moving in silence, but never actually do anything without announcing it to everyone.


“While you we were sleep, I was awake. When you were awake, I was more awake,” DJ Khaled adds. “I’ma teach you how to appreciate greatness. Take a good look at me. Have you ever seen a unicorn? You looking at a one-of-one. And the day I decide to walk away from the game, just know you’re witnessing the greatest to ever do it.” The greatest to ever do what, exactly? Everything, apparently.

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