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Cardi B Recalls the Moment She and Offset Learned of Takeoff’s Death: ‘I Was So Scared’

The rap couple was meant to attend a Halloween party the night the Migos rapper was shot and killed at a bowling alley in Houston

During a recent appearance on the Jason Lee podcast, Cardi B recalled the night she and her husband Offset were informed that his Migos bandmate Takeoff had been shot and killed at a Houston bowling alley during the early hours of Nov. 1, aged 28.

The rapper said that she and Offset initially had plans to attend Lala Anthony’s annual Halloween party but settled for a night in after their daughter Kulture, 4, threw up on her costume. “We just fell asleep, and out of nowhere, Offset phone kept ringing, my phone kept ringing,” Cardi B remembered. “Offset picked up the phone, and he’s just like, ‘No!’ He’s screaming and screaming, ‘No, no, no!’ And I’m like ‘What’s going on?’ And he was like, ‘Takeoff is dead.’”

So startled by the news, she said she smacked Offset in response, telling him: “Don’t say that.” She added: “He’s just screaming and just throwing things, throwing up, running all over. I was just so scared, I was just crying so much.”


Cardi B shared a heartfelt tribute to Takeoff following his funeral service, speaking to the “emptiness” his friends and family had felt in the aftermath of his death. “It hurts because I know it will never be the same again,” she wrote at the time. “But I know your bros and y’all fans will make sure the world never forgets the impact you made.”

Speaking to Jason Lee, the rapper explained the immediate impact losing Takeoff had on her household. “It was a sensitive time in my home,” she said. “Everything was so triggering, like every little bad thing and every little this, every little whatever the crap, to me was just so triggering. It was a lot.”

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