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Bo Burnham Expands His Latest Comedy Special With Hour-Long Addition ‘The Inside Outtakes’

Comedian Bo Burnham passed time during the pandemic with the undertaking of a grand creative project: writing, filming, directing, editing, and performing his existential musical comedy special Inside. The film featured commentary on social media, mental health, climate change, and more over the course of its 87-minute run time. Now, a year to the date of its Netflix release, Burnham is extending the special with The Inside Outtakes.

“A year ago today, I released a special called Inside,” Burnham wrote on Twitter. “I’ve spent the last two months editing together material that I shot for the special but didn’t end up using. It will be on my youtube channel in one hour. I hope you enjoy it.”

The expanded release features over an hour of additional footage filmed from March 2020 to May 2021. Burnham began editing the release in April and has set plans to release the deluxe version of the Inside album edition soon.

The new material opens with a song about trying to be funny while being stuck in a room. Burnham seems underwhelmed with the result, unenthusiastically delivering a few lyrics with a punctuated sigh.

The comedian unveils thirteen new songs for The Inside Outtakes, including an alternate edition of “All Eyes On Me,” the original recording of “Look Who’s Inside Again,” and parts three and four of his growing collection of songs about Jeff Bezos.

On “Five Years,” Burnham delivers an anniversary message via voicemail that sounds like the time Diplo played a track for Rihanna, who then told him: “This sounds like a reggae song at an airport.”

“It’s been many, many months now of working on this fucking thing every single day, which is a little longer than I thought it was going to be when I started,” he explains later in the outtakes. “Most days, I feel pretty good. It feels like I’m staying busy and it’s been fun. Then, other days – like today – I just feel like I’m completely spinning my wheels and wasting my time. I’ve now committed myself to never finishing this thing and just being in this room until I fucking…”

He trails off, but we know now Inside is more than finished. Between the original and The Inside Outtakes, the comedy special clocks in at around two and a half hours of material.

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