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Blink-182 Tease New Music With Cryptic Posters, Website

The rock band released a single, “Edging,” last fall after reuniting with Tom DeLonge

Blink-182 appear to be on the verge of releasing new music. A series of promotional posters have popped up in various cities with the Blink-182 logo and the phrase “One more time…,” as spotted by numerous fans.

According to a fan account, the posters reveal what seem to be lyrics: “Do I have to die to hear you miss me?/ Do I have to die to hear you say goodbye?/ I don’t want to act like there’s tomorrow/ I don’t want to wait to do this one more time.”

The band also launched a new page on their website, which features a pop-up that notes “Site closed for maintenance.” After you select “Okay,” the page showcases someone cleaning Blink-182 graffiti off a bathroom wall as clips of classic songs from the band play in the background. A snippet of an unheard tune eventually plays.

Blink-182 reunited with guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge last year. In October, the newly-reformed band released one-off single “Edging.” The group joined the Coachella lineup earlier this year, which marked Blink-182’s first live shows since reuniting, and have been touring since. They have yet to announce an album, although DeLonge shared a behind-the-scenes image of a shoot for a music video on Instagram last month.

Last week, Blink-182 postponed a series of tour dates in Glasgow, Belfast, and Dublin so drummer Travis Barker could fly back to the United States because of “an urgent family matter.” Barker and his wife Kourtney Kardashian have since confirmed that she underwent “urgent fetal surgery” to save the life of her unborn baby.


“I am eternally grateful to my husband who rushed to my side from tour to be with me in the hospital and take care of me afterwards, my rock,” Kardashian noted on Instagram.

On Twitter, Barker added: “God is great. I flew home for a life-threatening emergency surgery for our baby that I’m so grateful went well. I want to say thank you for all the support. Tour resumes Friday.”

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