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Anderson Cooper Was ‘Mortified’ When Madonna Humped Him Onstage

Anderson Cooper has mixed feelings about the time Madonna dragged him onstage during a concert in 2015 and proceeded to hump him from behind. The CNN anchor appeared on Kelly Ripa’s Sirius XM podcast Let’s Talk Off Camera and said while he enjoyed the experience, the resulting video was embarrassing.

“I’m mortified,” Cooper confirmed, telling Ripa he’s chosen to forget the incident. “I mean, I loved the whole idea, but I love the experience of it. I don’t love the video that exists of it, the reality.”

Madonna pulled Cooper onstage at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center during her Rebel Heart Tour while performing “Unapologetic Bitch.” During the song, she spanked him with her foot, humped him, and then forced him to dance.

“I didn’t know what the hell was going on,” Cooper said. “I was terrible. I danced terribly… We all watch people perform on these stages and like they make it look like it’s just so natural and normal. Even the way they’re like dancing, running, walking down the stage. I’m like, ‘I don’t, do I skip?’”

He also recalled how Madonna handed him a piece of phallic fruit and made him eat it.

“And then all of a sudden you find yourself like you’re standing on this thing, and then she hands you a banana, and right before that she’d like pushed me over and humped me,” Cooper told Ripa. “So I open it up and I start to peel it and eat the banana, and then all of a sudden I start lowering down on this little electronic elevator disappearing on the stage just like eating this banana.”


He added, “To this day, I don’t know what happened.”

Ripa replied, “You were standing there leaning against a black wall eating the banana and you go, ‘Did you see me?’ That’s what you said. That was the first thing you said. ‘Did you see me?’ I said, ‘Oh, honey, all of New York saw you.’”

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