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Aly & AJ Preview ‘With Love From’ Album With New Song ‘Baby Lay Your Head Down’

“Bringing you your next breakup anthem for the ex who’ll only see you in their dreams from now on,” duo says of single

Aly & AJ are swapping the summer sunshine for the haze of midnight on their newly announced fifth studio album With Love From, set for release on March 15. Introducing the album, the sister duo has shared the breezy new single “Baby Lay Your Head Down.”

“Bringing you your next breakup anthem for the ex who’ll only see you in their dreams from now on,” Aly & AJ wrote on Instagram.

“Baby Lay Your Head Down” recounts the duo coming to the realization that a relationship may not have been what it seemed. “Handled you like broken porcelain/Really I’m the one that’s delicate,” they sing. “I handled you like broken porcelain/Maybe I’m the one that’s breaking.”

The single follows the release of the album’s title track “With Love From,” shared in November. The record toyed with similar themes, accessing change through the lens of how they see themselves and how others see them. “Wherever this song may find you. We hope it finds you well,” the duo wrote at the time of release. “With Love From, A&A.”

Speaking with Variety, Aly Michalka pointed towards Americana folk music as a major influence for the record, which would explain the Springsteen-esque tone of “Baby Lay Your Head Down.”


“We’re not claiming that this record is among the American greats,” she said. “But we did our best in telling our story and staying true to who we are as songwriters and musicians.”

With Love From Tracklist:
1. “Open to Something and That Something Is You”
2. “With Love From”
3. “After Hours”
4. “Blue Dress”
5. “Love You This Way”
6. “Way of Nature, Way of Grace” (feat. Joy Oladokun)
7. “Tear the Night Up”
8. “Sunchoke”
9. “Talking in My Sleep”
10. “Baby Lay Your Head Down”
11. “6 Months of Staring Into the Sun”

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