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New Music Latin: Listen to Releases From Maluma, Camilo & Evaluna, Caloncho & More

New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Maluma, Octavio Cuadras & Marca Registrada, “BLING BLING” (Sony Music Latin)

Colombian hitmaker Maluma is back with another regional Mexican banger. It’s a formula that’s worked for the reggaetón artist who has enjoyed success collaborating with the likes of Grupo Firme (“Cada Quien”) and Carin Leon (“Según Quién”). The former landed at No. 1 on both the Billboard Latin Airplay and Regional Mexican Airplay charts, with Maluma becoming the first urban artist to lead both rankings simultaneously since their inception in 1994. Now, he’s teamed up with Grupo Marca Registrada and Octavio Cuadras for the bright “BLING BLING,” which has a big-band vibe but falls under the new subgenre corridos felices — pioneered by Cuadras. Powered by a joyous trombone beat, the artists sing about a care-free lifestyle. “Bling Bling” is the first track off DON JUAN Season 2, a new season of releases by Maluma, according to a press release. — GRISELDA FLORES

Camilo, Un (Sony Music Latin)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo gifts his Tribu (as he calls his fans) three new romantic songs. The EP, Un, highlights the elegance of live instruments such as a saxophone, trumpets, trombones, conga and güira with charming musical arrangements. All three tracks are appropriate for different relationship statuses — among them “Gordo,” a salsa song about seeing an old love with their new partner and “No Se Vale” a bachata for “dancing tightly” (as the singer-songwriter expressed on his social media). He also joins his wife Evaluna in “PLIS” to celebrate their love to the rhythm of salsa, the couple’s first collaboration since 2022 “Índigo.” 

Un was recorded live with audio and video together, according to a post Camilo shared on social media: “17 musicians got together to play at El Taller Creativo. When we counted ‘one, two, three, four’ we all did one thing. That ‘un’ (‘one’) that broke the silence aligned all the hearts that were there, recording music and video simultaneously, in the same take.” — LUISA CALLE

Angélica Garcia, “Juanita” (Partisan Records)

Pop auteur Angélica Garcia offers a flavorful taste of her upcoming first album, mostly in Spanish, with “Juanita,” a cumbia-inspired avant-pop song about a limitless woman. “Juanita, Juanita, Juani/ Why are you calling me?/ What is the force that motivates? / You made me wake up/ Your voice, the sound of stars/ Not even the gods can draw you,” the L.A.-born artist sings with an enveloping mystique over an evocative bass line.

According to a press release, the track’s roots date back to 2020, as Garcia was sitting before an altar that she constructed in her bedroom, looking into the past to inform the present with familial knowledge. “Many cumbias have lyrics about pain and longing … My intention was for the tension and confusion in the song to feel like remembering a past life. I wanted to capture what the shadow side of grief does to us,” she explains. The music video for the song, shot in black and white and directed by Puerto Rican award-winning documentary filmmaker Sonia Malfa, is as mysterious as it is captivating. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Los Ángeles Azules, Alejandro Fernández, “La Cumbia Triste” (Seitrack/UMG Recordings)

In a first collaborative effort, Los Ángeles Azules and Alejandro Fernández unleash “La Cumbia Triste.” Penned by Aureo Baqueiro and Leonel García, the track finds the Mexican ranchera superstar using his powerful vocals to dedicate a few words to the hopeless romantic. “For those who do not sleep/ Because their soul hurts/ For those who do not dream/ Since that past love that stole their peace […] This is the sad cumbia/ The one that hugs you/ The one who understands what’s happening/ This sad cumbia is for you,” he sings. Though the lyrics are melancholic, the rhythm is opposite of a “sad cumbia;” in fact, the Rodolfo Lugo and Jorge Mejía Avante-produced track is a captivating cumbia that can get anyone on their feet –whether they can relate to the lyrics or not. — JESSICA ROIZ 

Caloncho, “Ánimo” (Universal Music México)

Caloncho’s music perfectly blends his lyrics and melodies, which always bring a sense of peace. This time, the Sonora-born singer-songwriter presents “Ánimo,” which translates to “cheer up” — a reminder to keep moving forward. The new song begins with a delightful drum rhythm that, along with the bass and electronic elements, supports a refreshing, spontaneous and sophisticated sound with a wave of smooth chords and a reflection between its verses. “I keep learning from my mistakes/ It hasn’t been easy/ Not everything is flowers/ If colors are missing on the road/ I’m sure better times will come,” he sings in the chorus. — INGRID FAJARDO

Mexican Institute of Sound, Algo-Ritmo: Mexican Institute of Sound Hits 2004-2024 (Soy Sauce)

Mexican Institute of Sound, the brainchild of Camilo Lara, commemorates two decades of exploratory Latin productions with Algo-Ritmo: Mexican Institute of Sound Hits 2004-2024, a compilation that encapsulates Lara’s illustrious career. This collection features 24 songs, including fresh collaborations with Ceci Bastida (the psychedelic cumbión of “Stop!”), Esteman and Foudeqush (the haunting ballad of “Bolero”), with a retrospective and vibrant narrative woven from the threads of Mexican cultural heritage, electronic beats and global rhythms.

M.I.S., a maestro of musical fusion, has consistently blurred the lines between genres, melding funk, cumbia and electronic music. From his early experiments with Méjico Máxico to the collaborative richness of Distrito Federal, his work stands as a testament to his pioneering spirit and his commitment to social justice, through the universal language of music. Algo + Ritmo 2004-2024 is an invitation to celebrate the past, present and future of a project that continues to define and transcend the boundaries of the varied Mexican sound. — ISABELA RAYGOZA 

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