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Michael Bublé was apparently on mushrooms during the entire NHL All-Star Draft

Michael Bublé has gone viral for admitting he was on mushrooms whilst attending the NHL All-Star draft.

The crooner was recently announced as one of four team captains in the star-studded charity hockey game. Justin Bieber, Tate McRae and Will Arnett were also announced to play in the game, which will officially occur on February 3.

However, in a draft held on February 1 to help captains choose their teams, Bublé confessed he was high during the entire event.

In a press conference held after the draft, Bublé sat next to a bewildered Arnett to relay his experience. At first responding to a question about his fantasy hockey league, Bublé steered the conversation into a much different direction.

”My buddy told me, ‘This is just a microdose of mushrooms’… and he was lying,” Bublé began. “So, I’ll be honest, I thought I was in Blades of Glory for most of the time that I was out there until it sort of settled down. And then I realised, ‘Holy shit. I am at the NHL All-Star Game.’”


Michael Buble was WILD during his All-Star media availability 💀😂

♬ original sound – thescore

Arnett then joked: “It just occurs to me that through all the incredible songs that you’ve done over the years and all the hearts of women that you’ve won over around the world, with all that talk about fantasy hockey, you lost them all in one sentence.”

“The mushroom talk lost me all my contracts,” Bublé quipped back.

However, Bublé has seemingly retracted his statement in comments after the press conference. Responding to an Instagram comment under a post asking him “How were the shrooms?”, Bublé wrote: “20 years and people still don’t get my humor. I just keep rolling. lol”.

He also further denied he was on mushrooms in an interview with iHeartRadio. Asked whether the mushrooms had worn off, he responded: “What mushrooms? Do you have mushrooms? Is that what you’re saying?”

Bublé went on to say: “I want to know how many mushrooms do people have to be on to not know my sense of humor after 20 years. That’s my big question.”

In other recent news, Bublé performed a tribute to Barry Gibb at the 2023 Kennedy Center Honors.

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