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Mexican singer Gloria Trevi accuses former manager Sergio Andrade of “horrific” abuse

Mexican popstar Gloria Trevi has issued a lawsuit against her former manager Sergio Andrade, saying she suffered “horrific abuse” at his hands.

The claims, filed in Los Angeles this week (via Rolling Stone) allege that the abuse was reinforced by Trevi’s place as “the most valuable asset” in Andrade’s “sadistic” sex ring, and that the abuse was so “grotesque” that Trevi was suicidal.

The news comes in response to a complaint filed in January this year, when Trevi herself was accused of “grooming” and exploiting underage girls in the early ‘90s for the benefit of Andrade.

In that case, two unidentified women alleged that Trevi and Andrade used their “role, status, and power” in order to initiate sexual contact with them over the course of several years.

Gloria Trevi. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

The accusers were aged 13 and 15 years old respectively when Trevi is said to have approached them in public for what they claim was a violent sex cult.

Per a complaint that was filed in Los Angeles County on December 30, 2022, the two women are “survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual battery, assault, molestation, and abuse” at the hands of the defendants.

That filing stated that the alleged victims have since suffered “substantial emotional distress, anxiety, nervousness, anger and fear” as a result of the abuse.

Trevi and Andrade were not named in the suit, which instead identified the two subjects as Jane Does. The documents do describe Trevi as a “famous and popular pop star, and one of the most highly compensated female artists in Latin America”, while Andrade is said to be “one of the most successful music producers in Mexico”.

In January, Trevi issued a statement in which she vehemently denied those allegations.

“Being a victim of physical and sexual abuse is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being,” she wrote. “I say it, and I know it, because I am a survivor. And my thoughts go out to anyone who, like me, has ever been the victim of any kind of abuse.

“But I will not remain silent while I am unfairly accused of crimes I did not commit. These false accusations, which were first made against me more than 25 years ago, have been tried in various courts and, in all instances, I have been completely and totally acquitted.”

As the star referred to in the post, she and Andrade were arrested in Brazil back in 2000. The pair spent four years in detention awaiting trial on criminal charges relating to the alleged child sex ring.

Now, in Trevi’s own suit against Andrade, she claims that Andrade went to great lengths to cover up his abuse of Trevi, and that she too was a “prisoner” of his.

She claims Andrade “beat her with closed fists and whipped her with belts or cables”. She says he spied on her, raped her repeatedly and exploited her talent for profit.

The suit states: “There were many other women and girls that Andrade controlled and abused over the years, but Ms. Trevi was his true star — and, thus, the girl he most needed and wanted to dominate and control.”

“Instead of living the lifestyle of the rich and famous that one might expect of the ‘Mexican Madonna,’ Ms. Trevi, in private, was often dressed in old rags, sometimes forced to sleep naked for days on a cold bathroom floor.”

“There was a sadistic game that Andrade would play with such beatings: a preset number of blows had to be endured and accepted by Ms. Trevi in silence,” it continues. “If Ms. Trevi were to cry out, gasp, or make any other sign of distress, Andrade would treat that as a new punishable offense, and the beating would start all over again from the beginning.”

“During the course of the beating in question, Ms. Trevi passed out. She regained consciousness on the ground, to find Andrade on top of her, sexually assaulting her. The mental, sexual, and other abuse inflicted by Andrade eventually drove Ms. Trevi to attempt suicide.”

Trevi also claims that she was once forced to travel to the United States for an abortion, “to maintain the secrecy of [Andrade’s] abuse.”

Andrade has not responded to invitations to respond to the new allegations.

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