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“Merry Riffmas” – Royal Blood officially release fan favourite B-side ‘Supermodel Avalanches’ on streaming

Royal Blood are giving fans a Christmas surprise by releasing popular B-side ‘Supermodel Avalanches’ on streaming.

The band has been playing the song live while on tour in the US and Australia in recent weeks and a studio recording now available on streaming services. It will also appear on a deluxe edition of their recent album ‘Back To The Water Below’, which was originally released in September.

The Brighton duo announced the news to coincide with the track becoming Daniel P Carter’s Track Of The Week on Radio 1, telling fans: “Merry Riffmas.”

In May, Royal Blood made headlines and became the topic of much online discussion when a short supercut video of vocalist and bassist Mike Kerr voicing his annoyance at the reaction of the crowd at the Big Weekend in Dundee went viral.

“I guess I should actually introduce ourselves seeing as no-one actually knows who we are,” said Kerr said at the beginning of the clip. “We’re called Royal Blood and this is rock music” – before asking the crowd: “Who likes rock music? Nine people. Brilliant.”

The clip also saw him comment how they were “having to clap ourselves” as the crowd’s response was “pathetic”, and later left the stage with his middle fingers aloft.

Speaking to NME about the incident earlier this year, Kerr said: “I think now that some time has passed and the internet dust has settled, I’ve realised that. The size that the story got to is in no way in proportion to the severity of it. The two just seem so out of joint with each other. It seems so tame to me, still. It’s not something I look back and think it was necessary. It was an unnecessary roasting, but I’m amazed that out of all the shit we’ve done as a band, that this is the thing that took off. I think it says more about the attitude of social media and the witch hunt that’s out there. I think we were just the cocktail of the day. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

He continued: “Some of the criticism I can sympathise with, especially if you only saw that one clip and not the whole gig – but the majority of it just seemed so out of proportion with the level of anger. I refuse to be the origin of that anger. I don’t accept responsibility for that anger.”

Last month, Royal Blood were announced for the line-up of HellFest Open Air alongside Metallica, The Prodigy, Avenged Sevenfold.

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